Jolie Laide

Jolie laide translated as, “Beautiful Ugly,” is the French expression that usually refers to a woman who isn’t conventionally pretty. There is something special quirky or unusually attractive about her looks. In our woke world, I am using this term not to refer to a woman, but to a decorating style. ┬áThere are rooms we see that are painted colors we normally dislike, but in the context of good design excite and delight us. The photograph below depicts such a room for me. It is in the home of Patricia Greene Isen in the current issue of ELLE Decor (photo by Simon Upton). The walls of green mohair mixed with a very different hue of green painted trim inspire me rather than repel me. Jolie laide!






Bangs Revisited

As a product of 1970’s/80’s, models featured in magazines had straight, glossy hair and if they wore bangs, they too, were super straight. I cut bangs, in 4th grade, 7th grade, again in college, and then again in my 20’s, (did I not learn that lesson?) My frizzy curly hair and short forehead didn’t lend well to the look, (do you hear Reese Witherspoon in “Legally Blonde” speaking about Tracy Marsinko, who should NOT have gotten a perm–but I digress.) Lately, I have noticed curly haired influencers and models, wearing bangs. I will not be revisiting my own hair choice, but I do appreciate the look.