Are They Candles?

Cheap flameless candles in the green hurricane lanterns from Home Goods.
Finer quality flameless candle from Pottery Barn

No doubt that candle light adds a romantic glow to a home. I will admit that I have gone to bed once or twice without blowing out a candle. Luckily for me, they burned down and out without incident. In addition, I frequently ration how much to use a candle because to replace them both physically and financially is just annoying. I have recently replaced many candles in my home with these flameless candles. Yes, they are fake. But, they look so good. The expensive versions are beautiful and the cheaper ones are not awful. Some have a wax finish so they feel like the real thing to the touch as well. Some flameless candles even have a timer so the time you set them on initially, will prompt them to illuminate at that same time night after night. Within about 5 hours they turn themselves off. Brilliant.

Capes, Caplets, Drama

Never mind the politics please. Just check out the fashion drama going on when the Trumps went to meet with Prince Charles and Camilla. Camilla donned a bright red dress with her black caplet while Melania leveled up by mixing her voluminous gold cape with fuchsia pink underpinnings and shoes. Are capes and caplets back? It’s so late 19th century, Sherlock Holmes. I found the Betsey Johnson faux fur at TJ Maxx. It was so inexpensive, and I kind of wanted it, but I left it there for someone else’s dramatic entrance.

photograph credit Victoria Jones /PA
Betsey Johnson
Betsey Johnson
Ann Taylor
ModCloth Pardon My French

Lavallière aka "The Pussycat Bow" Blouse

Sezane Siam Blouse
Chloe Ti-Neck Long Sleeve Logo Jacquard Top
Erdem Venetia One Sleeve Blouse

I am so enjoying the resurgence of the lavallière or pussycat bow, on blouses and dresses. I love how it can be worn with a pencil skirt or dressed down with a pair of wide leg denim jeans. While I have a few pussycat bow blouses/dresses in rotation, I have been finding myself fashioning one to clothes that don’t have them using long skinny silk scarves. I have included a pic of my mom, circa 1973, where she wore it well.


Did you ever open up your jewelry box or drawer and find something that you completely forgot you owned? The instagram tag category #neckmess has taught me to give new life to pieces of antique jewelry, art camp beading and pieces borrowed from loved ones.  #Neckmess will encourage you to use more of your pieces, more of the time. Dig into your collection and start creating.

Jolie Laide

Jolie laide translated as, “Beautiful Ugly,” is the French expression that usually refers to a woman who isn’t conventionally pretty. There is something special quirky or unusually attractive about her looks. In our woke world, I am using this term not to refer to a woman, but to a decorating style.  There are rooms we see that are painted colors we normally dislike, but in the context of good design excite and delight us. The photograph below depicts such a room for me. It is in the home of Patricia Greene Isen in the current issue of ELLE Decor (photo by Simon Upton). The walls of green mohair mixed with a very different hue of green painted trim inspire me rather than repel me. Jolie laide!