Objects that Evoke Emotion

A Collection of Pukeberg Clear Glass Ashtrays

An object from the past evokes many emotions. A Pukeberg, Sweden Glass company, clear chunky ashtray from my childhood reminds me that a very young age I appreciated quality and  design. My first piece was given to me by my mother, the second was found by surprise at a thrift shop. Finally, I found the third one on ebay.  They may not be valuable to an outside marketplace but they hold a special place in my heart.

Pukeberg Sweden Chunky Glass Ashtray

It’s the Bomb

After seasons of shrunken blazers and boyfriend cardigans, I needed a fresher solution for a light coverup outdoors or to add polish while dealing with South Florida’s air conditioning. Now, I can’t stop buying these bomber jackets in different fabric and colors.

Let’s Not Get Carried Away.

I like eating healthy and prefer vegetables to meat. I make cauliflower rice pizzas and vegan cookie recipes to see if I can land on a good one. But there are some things that just need to be left alone and enjoyed the way the food gods intended.

Making pretty zuchinni ribbons with my Spiralizer and putting a marinara sauce on it doesn’t make it pasta.

Which reminds me of a great quote by the wonderful actor Joan Cusack playing the role Cynthia, to Melanie Griffith’s, Tess in the 1988 movie, Working Girl. “Sometimes I sing and dance around the house in my underwear. Doesn’t make me Madonna. Never will.”

Let’s not get carried away.



Collagen Wishes

While I have embraced my grey hairs, tailored my exercise to accommodate permananent limitations, wear eyeglasses/contacts to see, I have not fully accepted that my skin is no longer what it once was. I haven’t yet succumbed to botox, fillers or facial surgery and I am hoping I don’t– but never say never. Currently, I am arming myself with collagen powder taken once a day and using micro-needles to attempt to jump start some much need collagen production. Results remain to be seen…..

Pantone Announces Color of the Year 2018

“PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violetcommunicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.”

Oh my goodness, what does it say about me that I dislike this color? I am not original, I don’t have ingenuity, nor vision.  I don’t have this regal purple anywhere in my home or in my closet.  The only reason I would like it is if my child goes to a school with this color as its own. So Northwestern Wildcat purple–yes. Otherwise, no.

Signature Style

Marta Chrapka (eclectic furnishings with herringbone wood floors), Alexa Chung (playful modern vintage), Steven Gambrel (multiple individual light fixtures), Madeleine Vionnet (bias cut dresses), Linda Fargo ( white/grey bob) are all designers or fashion icons with a very recognizable style–a signature style. One glance of their imprint and you immediately recognize that what you are looking out is theirs. Most of us don’t share such a strong vision with the greater public. But our family and friends know how they view us and if at some point we try to make a change it can be jarring for them and for ourselves as well. Many hats, red nail polish bottles and clothes have been discarded in the name of my style evolution. A staple of my uniform– the white blouse, changes only so as to incorporate a whisper of a new trend–but it is still a white blouse. The produce man at the market looked at me the other day and said “Yep, white on white,” because wearing some sort of white is just me and even he knows it’s my signature.