Empty Street Style

NYC 2020

As I mentioned in my last post, I am having panic attacks of late but I must be feeling better if I am cleaning my shower grout with a toothbrush and micro needling and then applying vitamin C serum to my skin. But that’s a whole other diagnosis.

I wonder what we will want to be wearing when this pandemic is over? Will the trends we saw prior to the shelter in place orders be long gone? Will we have a great desire for structured clothing when all we have been wearing at home are casual comfy things–on our bottom halves at least– for Zoom calls? Will the gravity of this event make fashion seem frivolous?

While style never goes away–it reflects the wearer not the trends, I do think of fashion as a reflection of a hope providing an expression of identity, creativity and freedom. Our concerns for health and stability are more dire now, but I bet they will inform, in some way, what we will be wanting to wear when we get through these trying times.

Fashion in the Time of Anxiety and Uncertainty

Many bloggers and social media members are still posting outfits, beauty hacks etc. Good for them, no judgments. I can’t do it right now. Maybe next week.

Me? I am not so interested in fashion at the moment. I can’t wear my clothes. And honestly, I have been plagued with panic attacks that make any clothing other than lose fitting cotton, very uncomfortable.

Here are things that have helped between panic attacks.

Puppy and baby videos.

Reading pulp and ink magazines.

Tik Tok videos curated by my daughter.

Unsubscribing from almost every email I receive.

Long walks outside.

Not reading ANY news. NONE.

Checking in and reaching out to friends and family.

Not reading Facebook. (I had my daughter unsubscribe from news outlets that I receive on my feed so I can probably look now but I’d rather not.)

Meditation. If I can get through 5 minutes straight I consider it a win.


Videos of Italians singing and playing bingo with each other from their quarantined apartment balconies.

Reading a fluffy novel about Hollywood.

Letting my incredible husband and phenomenal daughter comfort me and knowing my sons are smart and resilient.

Limiting phone calls to 5 minutes or under.

Holding love in my heart for humanity. We are, in fact, all in this together. I believe in all of us. I may be anxious, but I am not depressed. I have hope that, this too shall pass.

Fashion: Funny or Forever?

Fashion introduces a look to the main stream that appears surprising at best and at worse, ludicrous. Then a year later after seeing enough of whatever you are seeing, becomes palatable, and then, a year after that, down right desirable and then, possibly a wardrobe staple. Take Uggs for instance. When California surfer girls started wearing them in the 80’s, it looked crazy to wear boots with swimwear or shorts. Forty years later, they are ubiquitous in both cold and warm weather. Note a couple of 2020’s trends: square toed shoes and socks with sandals. What do you think? Will they have staying power?

Bottega Veneta
Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Signet and Pinky Rings

As my hands age you would think I’m not looking to place shiny objects on them to call attention to their age spots, wrinkles and arthritic knuckles. However, I am thinking that a shiny object is JUST the thing to excite me when I look down at my hands. I have loved signet rings since seeing it on my late Great Grandpa Harry when I was a child. I’m planning to get my hands on that one. Here are a few choices, just in case it doesn’t turn up.

David Yurman
Pippa Middleton/GettyImages
Prince Charles/Tatler

Door Jewelry

Notable about visiting NYC is the constant exposure to design in big and small ways. I could just pick one category to note while I am walking around and I will see interesting examples of it. Below is a small sample of exterior door handles/knob photographs I have collected.