At A Glance, September

What I find notable for the month.

& Other Stories. As someone who loves to layer, I don’t always reach for a blazer. This wool jacket has great styling potential as well as being great looking on its own.
The Barbizon. Paulina Bren’s account of the all women residential hotel in NYC. I am listening to this book before bed so it’s soft enough to not be overly stimulating while still being a fascinating account of the iconic hotel that existed in NYC from 1928 until the 2000’s. Stories with of the many famous and accomplished women (noted: mostly white and privileged ones) are told and a historical context of the time period-with a strong focus on mid century NYC.
At a glance September. What I find notable for the month.
Banana Republic. I saw this skirt in person and had to touch it. I haven’t tried it on but I love the movement. I see it styled with a black turtle neck and tall boots. I would play down any kind of costume-y quality this skirt may infer and keep the styling minimal.
Alexander McQueen. I am having a thing for double belts. Styling them over a blazer or a longer cardigan would be chic.
Burberry. I love this “trench” strap heel. I wish it had a block heel as I would love it even more.
Cinq A Sept. I love a pinafore front on a dress or jumpsuit. I would layer a shirt under it and a blazer or bomber jacket over this dress. I definitely would wear it with lug sole boots to balance the feminine with a bit of masculine. Or, better yet, a mid calf boot.
Emilia Wickstead. Another pinafore dress I think it good looking.
All Saints. This belt would look great over a blazer or coats or threaded through a slouched pair of jeans. I especially love that the eyelet studs are beveled.
La Double J Sweater. Look for side tie sweaters to gain popularity. Side tie sweaters allow more layering underpinnings to show. They create more interest with longer hemlines and look great with longer proportions.

Street Style: Tulle for Day

When I see a something on the street at least three times, my antenna goes up. I was only able to capture a pic of these two women on the street but I did see another woman wearing a tulle skirt with sneakers and another one wearing a tulle skirt with socks and loafers. It’s not a new “trend,”-Carrie Bradshaw was doing it in the late nineties but I still find it notable and fun.

Photo: Harrowstyle
Tory Burch
Photo: Harrowstyle
Fabiana Filippi

Turn Key

For me, the hardware buckle called a turn key or flip key, is recognizable as a signature of the Coach brand. My first exposure to it was in the 1970’s when I was introduced to the Coach handbag. Hermès and Givenchy do their version of it as do many other designers this season.

Marine Serre
Ralph Lauren

At A Glance, August

What I find notable for the month.

Tory Burch. The color of these is what really grabs me. Red shoes are impactful but I find also find them neutral.
Ooni Koda, Why I think I want this home pizza oven is a little puzzling. I can just go out and get good pizza any time I want with so much less effort. It’s just so cool. This would be fun for a party. Who’s in?
Officine Générale. I discovered this brand by stumbling in to their NYC store. I think it was predominantly menswear so their womenswear has a bit of a masculine vibe. I love this outfit because I love the vest over the collarless button up and the tailored trousers with white deck shoes.
Black Silk Scarf/photo:Officine Générale. I love this chic black scarf-so dramatic and grounding.
Veronica Beard. I am a big fan of houndstooth.This vest is a fast way to add dimension to your outfit. Style it alone in summer and start layering things under and over as the weather cools.
Nili Lotan Nili Lotan introduced an accessories line recently. This belt is an example of the her refined elegance.
Coop’s Cones are waffle cone chips–the most delicious ice cream topper or snack straight from the bag. They also come in chocolate dipped with sprinkles. Use my promo code HSTYLE for a 10% discount.

The Perfect Boot

A taller ankle boot in black, with a chunky heel is a chameleon in your wardrobe. Pair them with short frilly dresses or denim shorts in warmer months for an edgy look or wear them with slouchy trousers and an oversized jacket when it’s chilly. Don’t worry about matching the black color with whatever else you have on; it can work as a statement of its own.

Phillip Lim
Free People
Gianvito Rossi
Dear Frances
Loeffler Randall

At A Glance July

What I find notable for the month.

Gucci x Adidas It’s a such a great collaboration.
Roasted Cauliflower. Boil a whole head of cauliflower in salted water until it is fork tender. Dry well and chill in the refrigerator or flash submerge in ice water then dry well. Preheat oven to 500°. Sprinkle Kosher salt over the entire head and pour olive oil liberally as well. Roast in oven safe -I use the aluminum- pan so I know it can withstand 500° for 45 minutes or until char begins to form. Serve with tahini dressing or herb aioli.
Sandro I post a lot of these cropped cardigans. I find them polished looking over t shirts or under a blazer.
Cropped Jacket This jacket has so many pockets that you could almost forgo a purse or tote.
This may be controversial, I am loving no polish, short nails. Yes, that is my 57 year old hand.
Gianvito Rossi I think a taller ankle boot with a chunky block heel is chic all year long. I saw a women wearing a pair with a short, white, frilly dress in 90° heat. It grounded her look in such a cool way. This is on my wish list.
Diptyque This substantially sized ceramic vessell holds a bug repelling Citronnelle Lemongrass candle. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
This Time Tomorrow, By Emma Straub. I enjoyed this novel that combines time travel, family, and NYC.

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At A Glance, June

What I find notable for the month.

Banana Republic. When I saw this multi-pocketed vest, I wondered if I could forgo a purse.
Derek Lam/10 Crosby. I want this.
Loewe sneaker. I saw a woman wearing these this summer and I knew immediately I would feature them here. Love the low key, but colorful vibe.
Petite Maman. This quiet movie is deceiving. The dialogue is minimal, no soundtrack-but it’s powerful and moving. I was on a plane while watching this crying from beginning to end. Nothing happens that is upsetting, it’s just so moving, I couldn’t help myself.
Etro. I love this colorful bag for summer.
After two and a half years Covid finally got me. I will not complain. I didn’t have it nearly as bad as many. I just hope that people don’t think that it’s over. Let’s not minimize the concern for at-risk people.
I stalked these Clergerie oxfords for a minute before I finally bought a pair.

The “Woman Who Was Kept On A Shelf” as part of the anthology of Roar. An Apple TV series of dark comedic fables of feminism, misogyny, gender roles and identity.
Tory Burch Sneakers. These suede sneakers look like terry cloth.
This Time Tomorrow. I am enjoying this new release by Emma Straub.
Alex Mill. This classic button down is the perfect summer staple. Wear it as a jacket, under a vest, as a cover up. Roll up the sleeves or leave them long and slouchy. It is signature, summer 2022.
Target Dad Sandals These quilted ones look a little like the Chanel ones (they come in black too.)
I adore this satin short set. This is the link for the top, here is the link for the shorts.

At A Glance, May

What is notable for the month.

Crying In H Mart. I am late to reading this book, as it was published last year. I still want to share that this deeply moving memoir by Michelle Zauner is a worthy read.
This COS outfit is so me. Wide leg, no pleat, high rise trousers with a fitted 3/4 short sleeve sweater. I don’t know why they didn’t list the sweater on the COS site-I’m sorry I don’t have information on it.
Loft riviera shorts. I have a thing for plaids and gingham. If you are are shorts wearer, these are lightweight and can be styled so many ways. First way would be with a black cable mock neck sweater (see below) and some black fisherman sandals.
Joe’s Jeans mock neck sweater that I referenced above. I know some of you will think I am crazy for recommending a sweater for summer. Sometimes, I love the clean line of a sweater instead of a jacket when dealing with a cool evening or an agressive a/c.
Summer Rain Boots. It rains all year so why shouldn’t we have summer specific rain boots?These Asos boots are your lighter looking functional summer footwear. Even if it stops raining while you are out and about, you will still look cute.
Use Miso in your recipes. One of my sons’ girlfriend* made these delicious chocolate chip cookies–made with miso. Another sons’ girlfriend* made a miso pasta dish that was incredible. The umami taste of the miso is a welcome depth in both sweet and savory recipes.
*Grammar nerds come for me. I have 3 sons. Each of whom have a girlfriend (well, one has a fiancé.) So I want to impart that one of the women made cookies and another made pasta- did I punctuate correctly?
I don’t love hearing too much about a book, television show or a movie before I get to it, because if the hype is too much, it may disappoint. This was the case with, The Silent Patient. I had heard such good things about it. I didn’t dislike it-but the build up was too great to reach.
GAP Factory I went into the store to purchase navy pants but really loved these pink pants more. They run a bit large.

High Maintenance

I am obsessed with white shoes this spring. I tried on a gorgeous Mary Jane pair from Aeyde (see photo below.) Within one minute of fastening them on my feet, I noticed I had scuffed the supple white leather. Thank goodness the scuff was quickly buffed out, but it got me thinking about high maintenance clothing and accessories. The patina of wear on white leather shoes is to be expected, patent leather doesn’t have this problem. High end shoe cream and light touch with a magic eraser helps. I am usually up for the care my clothing and accessories require- but I think those white shoes may be too high maintenance even for me.

The Row
Sam Edelman

The Row

At A Glance, April

What I find notable for the month.

Harrowstyle Falafel Recipe

1 28oz can of chickpeas rinsed and drained
1 red onion rough chop
1/2 cup of parsley, rough chop
5 cloves of garlic minced or pressed. 
1 ½  teaspoon of salt
1 teaspoon of pepper
½  teaspoon of cumin
¼ teaspoon red pepper flakes
¼ cup chickpea flour
Avocado oil

Preheat the oven to 250°. 
Spread out chickpeas on aluminum foil or parchment lined baking sheet. Place in the oven to dry out canned chickpeas while you are preparing other ingredients. 

Place onion,parsley, garlic, salt, pepper, cumin, red pepper flakes in a food processor, add chickpeas. Pulse gently until chickpeas are in small but still recognizable pieces. Do not over pulse mixture. 

Move mixture to a large bowl. Add chickpea flour (any flour will do if you don’t have chickpea-it’s just to help bind.)

Make the mixture into balls. Lightly fry in avocado oil and transfer to a parchment lined baking sheet. 

Prior to serving, preheat oven to 350° and bake until fully heated through about 15-20 minutes.

Serve in a pita or a bowl with tahini sauce, mediterranean salad, pickled onion or pickled turnips. 

Loeffler Randall metallic sandals
I thoroughly enjoyed this book by Anderson Cooper and Katherine Howe. I listened to it as an audio book. Anderson Cooper’s voice is familiar yet authoritative. I can’t get enough of how the Vanderbilt family built, spent and squandered their wealth. The very rich are just as enviable and abhorrent as you may imagine. This book delivered with details, poignancy and a little bit of caution.
Aeyde I have recently became aware of this brand and love this classic Maryjane pump.
I love this cropped denim jacket by Me + Em. The rivets have a plus sign detail.
Has anyone tried this newer Ralph Lauren Unisex cologne? I am intrigued.
Julia. I I feared that this HBO Max series wouldn’t be as good as the 2009 movie about Julia Child, Julie and Julia. No fear, I am loving Sarah Lancashire in the title role. The other incredible actors include, Bebe Neuwirth, David Hyde Pierce, Judith Light, James Cromwell, Isabella Rossallini as well as many others.
This Saint Laurent quilted leather bag is a great example of my new obsession with vertical bags. Also, take note: no loud hardware.
I have a thing for shallow bowls. I prefer them to using a straight plate. They also also great as serving pieces for hummus, chips, and vegetables.
I am enjoying this Apple TV, fictional series, but based on the true story, about the rise and fall of the WeWork as told through the lives of its founders. I love watching Anne Hathaway in anything-and she doesn’t disappoint in portraying Rebekah Neumann. Jared Leto, who’s performance in the House of Gucci was incredible, is equal to the task of portraying the dynamic Adam Neumann. It’s a fun ride albeit, a little dragged out. I have fun looking at the clothing, the sets and watching entitled behavior run amok.