Bleu de travail means “working blues.” French farm, factory and train workers wore the heavy canvas chore coats or work coveralls beginning in the late 1800’s. It’s a smash up of cobalt or lapis blue, but I like the romanticism of calling it Blue De Travail.

Alex Mill
Mara Hoffman

Faraone Mennella by R.F.M.A.S.
J. Crew
Old Navy
Alex Mill
J. Crew
Banana Republic Factory

At A Glance, May

What I find new and notable for the month.

Nili Lotan, Silk Duchess Tuxedo Blazer is the quintessential white blazer. I see it draped over one’s shoulders all year long.
Kingdom of Prep, Maggie Bullock
Alaia Sneaker, I don’t think this Superga x Alaia collaboration is new but since it’s summer it is notable. The Alaia version of the classic Superego platform canvas has just a few differences. The eyelets are silver, the stitch markings on the canvas are a signature double A, and the satin tag says Alaia. The price difference is significant. $510 for the Alaia and $75 for the original Superga.
Superga, This is the original Superga canvas platform.
Queen Charlotte, Netflix
Ted Lasso, Apple TV

Furniture: Semainier

One of my favorite pieces of furniture is the semainier. An 18th century invention of a tall, seven drawer piece for the bedroom. Its name comes from the French word semaine; for week. One drawer for each day = 7 drawers. I prefer the vintage ones, but I included a couple of modern ones as well.

1st Dibs
1st Dibs
Pottery Barn
Kathy Kuo Home

Chic Drinks with A chic Friend: Lobby Bar, The Hotel Chelsea

If you are in NYC and want to do drinks in a quintessential, elegant old European/New York way, head to the recently renovated Lobby Bar at The Hotel Chelsea. We were first seated in the lovely candle lit solarium room, but the Maîte d’ need that spot and gently moved us to an even more comfortable plush sofa banquet. The crowd was elegant and cool in an understated way. I am not a drinker so I ordered a Virgin Mary and some crudités. She ordered a Margarita and our drinks were served with mixed nuts. I love a beautiful rest room and the downstairs lobby one didn’t disappoint (I don’t have pics of that.) My chic friend said she had previously enjoyed breakfast in the Lobby bar and the morning sun streaming in added to its beauty. The photographs of the hotel rooms look inviting. The storied history of this hotel is worth a deep dive. (Photographs aren’t mine.)

Iconic Hotel Chelsea sign
The Hotel Chelsea lobby entrance
The Hotel Chelsea, Lobby Bar
The Hotel Chelsea, Lobby Bar (I sat at that banquet on the right.)
The Hotel Chelsea, Lobby Bar, solarium room
The Hotel Chelsea, Lobby Bar solarium room
The Hotel Chelsea Lobby Bar solarium room at night.
The Hotel Chelsea, The Superb Balcony Accommodation
The Hotel Chelsea, Deluxe 2 bedroom Pied  Terre Bathroom

At A Glance, April

What I find new and notable for the month.

Coach I am not sure this little bag hold much but I love that it speaks to the heritage of the Coach brand while looking decidedly modern.
Next In Fashion, Season 2. Netflix. An intelligent fashion designer competition. No cut throat competition where ridiculous challenges are thrown in for senseless drama. The drama comes with each designer competing with their next, more accomplished version of themselves. Watching the designers’ process reveals their own deficiencies and talents. Next In Fashion introduces you to each designer so you are watching their human stories. I love hosts Tan France and Gigi Hadid. They are both keen fashion insiders and their warmth is palpable.
COS. I enjoy a sweater that can act both a shirt, sweater and jacket. This one can do that.
Group by Christie Tate I am featuring two of Christie Tate’s books because I have spent countless hours with her in my ear hearing her read straight into my brain through the audio book versions. I love her voice, her honesty, her intelligence. This book is about her experience in group therapy but that’s an undersell. It’s so much more about self awareness and relationships. As soon as I finished it, I queued up BFF. I wasn’t done hanging with Christie.
BFF by Christie Tate This book is Tate’s journey of her own self awareness through her friendships. We all have those friends that haunt our past and live in our heart’s future. What can we learn from our friendships both during and after we share them? Tate’s book is though provoking and dear.
A Emery. I love a black leather strap and sole sandal that can stay in your wardrobe for a good long time. These are well priced and good quality.
COS. I enjoy my blue and black denim skirts so I know I would wear a white one often too.

At A Glance, March

What I find new and notable for the month.

House of Eve by Sadeqa Johnson. I always know how much I like a book by how disappointed I am when it’s finished. House of Eve is the story of two accomplished black women in the late 1940’s with respect to the times in which they lived-including poverty, privilege, racism, colorism, sexism. There are additional themes of motherhood, family, trust and love woven throughout this very enjoyable book.
Tory Burch I love this little cross body tote in an incredible green (aptly named Patina.) It does come in other colors. It has a little magnetic security strap inside and separated sections.
Vince. I saw these sneakers in person and thought at first they were just regular gum soled sneakers until I got close up and saw they are clear, rubber dipped. They also come in pink and blue. So fun.
Tory Burch top and Tory Burch skirt. This set is lovely. Of course, the pieces can work separately with other things in your closet. Check out a similar set below at a gentler price point.
Kate Spade top, Kate Spade skirt. While there is a bit of a price difference of the two, I think they both achieve a fresh ethereal look.
J. Crew. I have been looking to replace of long jeans that were too tight in the thigh. This one is perfect.
Chloé. This shoe would add a pop to a more understated outfit or work well mixing textures in a more complex one.
Succession is back on HBO Max. This is the final season and I am enthusiastically here for it. I was in NYC last summer when they filming all over Manhattan, so it’s fun to see the locations so many months later.

At A Glance, February

What is new and notable for the month.

Bouchon Bakery Chocolate Chunk and Chip Cookies.
The House of Gucci by Sara Gay Forden. I had seen the movie but this book is much more fun. I haven’t even gotten half way through but it’s very detailed and juicy about the epic lifestyle and fighting of the Gucci family. A fun read.
3.1 Phillip Lim This is a denim slip dress. Brilliant.
Visit the 2023 Kips Bay Decorator Show House, Palm Beach. February 24th to March 19, 2023. The Kips Bay Decorator Show House Palm Beach is actually in West Palm Beach. It benefits the Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club. Each room is decorated by an established or upcoming talented designer. There is so much to look at. Don’t miss it if you are in the area. Tickets can be found here. I volunteer as a docent every year. Some of the designers hang in their rooms and will answer questions about their designs and process. Fascinating.

Elevated Deck Shoe

There are certain shoes that are the epitome of their category. The Loro Piana’s Summer Charms Walk Loafer carries that title in the elevated deck shoe group. It can also be known as a yacht shoe. That sounds a bit elitist. I have neither a yacht nor a boat, but I do like these deck shoes. They are more polished than their casual cousins like Sperry or L.L. Bean.

I would style them for warmer weather with cropped trousers, drawstring linen pants, a midi skirt and or a Bermuda short.

Recently, I saw that a couple of other brands were making their version. I had to investigate.

Loro Piana The iconic Summer Charms Walk Suede Moccasin. Warm beige sole. Cross band with dangling silver toned charms.
I visited the Loro Piana store in NYC last summer to find out my size. I should have written it down because now I don’t remember!
M. Gemi This shoe looks less elongated than the iconic Loro Piana. Tassles replace the charms on a thicker cross band. The white sole is more spare.
Johnston & Murphy This shoe maintains some of the elongated lines of the LP. Again, the tassels replace the charms, this time no cross band.) I ordered this one and will do a review when they arrive. It may be a while as they are back ordered.
Scarosso The lines of this shoe resemble the Loro Piana ones more closely minus the cross band and the charms.
The Iconic Loro Piana Summer Charms Walk Loafer

Trend: Cargo

The cargo trend is coming on strong. Full disclosure that I don’t usually gravitate toward cargo. Maybe it’s because the pockets can add bulk both physically and visually. I chose pieces here that speak to the trend while not weighing down the outfit.

Fabiana Fillipi
Isabel Marant
Joe’s Jeans
Banana Republic
Michael Kors
Sunday In Brooklyn
Veronica Beard
Derek Lam
Derek Lam

Ralph Lauren