Gift Ideas, Under $100

I forgot to post this for the holiday season but if you need a gift for a housewarming, dinner invite or cozy at home brunch-here are some good ideas.

Aesop Hand Soap
Table Lamps
Gift Ideas
Jo Malone Hand Cream
Chill O Matic
Diptyque Room Diffuser
Water Carafe
Byredo Hand Wash
Dish Towels
Olive Oil Dispenser

2 thoughts on “Gift Ideas, Under $100

  1. These gift ideas sound wonderful for various occasions! As you think about selecting the perfect gift, I’m curious to know which one you believe would make a standout choice for a housewarming event. Among the items listed, is there a particular gift that you think would perfectly complement the recipient’s new home and leave a lasting impression?

    1. Part of what makes a great gift is figuring out what would make the most meaning for the recipient .It may mean something useful or frivolous. So, there is no one right answer. When you give something you are excited to share, that brings the most joy for both parties.

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