Styling Services

If you are looking to hack your closet to consistently work for you without shopping every new trend, I can help.

Does everything you put on look “wrong” to you or feel like it doesn’t fit your life? Would you value a discerning eye to stand back and assess what you have in your closet or what you are trying on in the dressing room? Are you going through a life change or just having clothing issues you never had before? I am your partner in figuring out how to look your best every day within a reasonable amount of expense and with minimal effort.

What are your services?

Style and image assessment consultation in person or virtually. A dialogue to find clarity about your style. Let me know the deficiencies you experience in your wardrobe or what upcoming events you have.

Hourly rate of $250 with a 2-hour minimum.

Closet edit/overhaul with recommendations in person or virtually. A 3-hour long, deep dive into your closet. Together, we’ll organize, decide what to toss, donate or keep, figure out what fits, and how to style items you like but don’t know how to wear. I help you fill in the gaps in your wardrobe with recommendations through visual style boards and shoppable links. 

$1500 for a 3-hour closet edit that includes personalized recommendations following our session. Additional time is billed by the hour.

Use what you have wardrobe consultation in your home or virtually. A 3-hour visit in your closet to maximize the clothes you already own and distill what is serving your life and image. (Note: This package doesn’t include recommendations, style boards and stoppable links.)

$1000 for 3 hours. Additional time is billed by the hour.

Personal wardrobe shopping together in person, in store. After a consultation with you to find out your needs, I visit stores prior to meeting up with you, pull items in your size, and have them ready for you to try on. We meet in store to use our time efficiently. 

Hourly rate of $250 with a 2-hour minimum.

Personal wardrobe shopping by me delivered to your home. A consultation must precede this appointment. Financial authorization is necessary for this service.

Hourly rate of $250 with a 2-hour minimum.

Travel packing in person or virtually. Figure out what to pack on your next trip so you have the right clothes, don’t overpack, and have plenty of choices.

Hourly rate of $250 with a 2-hour minimum.

“Hunting” for a specific item or category. Looking for a brown suede bootie? Or a go-to cardigan for spring? You tell me what item you are looking for and I will hunt it down online or offer alternatives through shoppable links.

$200 per item. Includes 3 options.

Style check. Need a quick outfit check before you leave the house? Can’t decide which shoe? Unlimited digital communication between me and you whether you’re getting dressed at home, store, on vacation, or in a fashion emergency.

Flat monthly fee of $300

Who do you work with?

All women. Whether they are self-proclaimed “fashion challenged,” changing careers, feeling ugly, empty nesters, new moms returning to the workplace, brides, mothers of the bride/groom, peri/menopausal, hating their existing clothes, or impatient shoppers. In short, anyone who cares about what they are wearing and how they look. I can even help someone who dislikes the choice of what to wear so you never have to think about what to wear each day. I really love this process and want to help.


I embrace that beauty comes in all forms. I like the aesthetics of looking “good” but I love the result of feeling beautiful. Allow me to share with you my ways to reach your goals that are both economical and sustainable as well as body positive. 

Email me Let’s schedule an appointment and make a plan.

How can I contact you?

Email me,

How do I know I want to work with you?

You can sample what I have to say about style and living well on this blog, listen to The Harrowstyle Podcast on all listening platforms like Apple or Spotify or find me @harrowstyle on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, and LTK.

What else?

I am available for in-person wardrobe consulting seminars for public or private group events. I am available for retailers looking to provide added value for their in-store or online clients.

If you are to purchase from my links, I will earn a small commission with no additional cost to you.

Sample Styleboards:

Denim Jacket Styleboard
Summer Clutch Evening Bag Styleboard
Bucket/Hobo Handbag Styleboard