Elevated Deck Shoe

There are certain shoes that are the epitome of their category. The Loro Piana’s Summer Charms Walk Loafer carries that title in the elevated deck shoe group. It can also be known as a yacht shoe. That sounds a bit elitist. I have neither a yacht nor a boat, but I do like these deck shoes. They are more polished than their casual cousins like Sperry or L.L. Bean.

I would style them for warmer weather with cropped trousers, drawstring linen pants, a midi skirt and or a Bermuda short.

Recently, I saw that a couple of other brands were making their version. I had to investigate.

Loro Piana The iconic Summer Charms Walk Suede Moccasin. Warm beige sole. Cross band with dangling silver toned charms.
I visited the Loro Piana store in NYC last summer to find out my size. I should have written it down because now I don’t remember!
M. Gemi This shoe looks less elongated than the iconic Loro Piana. Tassles replace the charms on a thicker cross band. The white sole is more spare.
Johnston & Murphy This shoe maintains some of the elongated lines of the LP. Again, the tassels replace the charms, this time no cross band.) I ordered this one and will do a review when they arrive. It may be a while as they are back ordered.
Scarosso The lines of this shoe resemble the Loro Piana ones more closely minus the cross band and the charms.
The Iconic Loro Piana Summer Charms Walk Loafer

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