At A Glance, May

What I find new and notable for the month.

Nili Lotan, Silk Duchess Tuxedo Blazer is the quintessential white blazer. I see it draped over one’s shoulders all year long.
Kingdom of Prep, Maggie Bullock
Alaia Sneaker, I don’t think this Superga x Alaia collaboration is new but since it’s summer it is notable. The Alaia version of the classic Superego platform canvas has just a few differences. The eyelets are silver, the stitch markings on the canvas are a signature double A, and the satin tag says Alaia. The price difference is significant. $510 for the Alaia and $75 for the original Superga.
Superga, This is the original Superga canvas platform.
Queen Charlotte, Netflix
Ted Lasso, Apple TV

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