At A Glance, February 2022

What I find notable for the month.

I am loving this HBO Max streaming series about The Gilded Age of New York City.
The Official Gilded Age Podcast. More of my obsession about this series. This isn’t just a recap podcast, it full of history and facts that are relevant today.

Fo more Gilded Age fun. Check out @keithyorkcity on Instagram and his website for fascinating NYC history including photography, architecture, industry, personalities, titans etc. He gives walking tours too. Find his website here.
Cos sweater. Just loving the camel/pink combination.
Brown is the new black. I love these brown Mango jeans.
I only have a grand dog, and I live in suburbia, but if I had a dog in a city, I would so love having this paw washer.
COS, I love vests because they pull together an outfit without bulk.
One of the best articles about friendship at middle age and beyond that I have ever read.
Felix. I wear a bucket hat while going on my daily walk for sun protection-not for fashion. This one would be perfect to wear with any outfit as it’s so neutral.
Karhu. This brand is new to me but I really like their look.
Joseph Joseph. I bought this portable sink basin to clean my delicate sweaters and other hand washables. I keep finding other uses, like cleaning fruit and vegetables, separating fine cutlery and knives from other things in my sink, and soaking really dirty stuff without using a ton of water.

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