At A Glance, October

What I find new and notable for the month.

This image is from Miu Miu Spring 2024. I am noting the laced boat shoes. There is a juxtaposition of wearing this casual shoe with a more tailored look that attracts me. I have a pair of L.L. Bean blucher moccasins that are coming out of retirement to serve in this way.
This J. Crew leather jacket is the right amount of Moto without being tough.
I have never watched the regular The Bachelor, but I am watching The Golden Bachelor. Maybe it’s because I am married and not relating to wanting to find a partner but I am most interested in the women contestants and their interactions way more than I am caring about anyone finding love. Finding community may be the best thing some of these women will get out of this process. My one pet peeve (other than cringing a little watching kissing on screen,) is that the Golden Bachelor’s name is Gerry and it’s pronounced Gary.
Banana Republic corset belt. I started wearing a corset belt this summer with blazers and skirts. This black one is stunning and has these little side pockets for something or other.
Season 3 of The Morning Show is running on Apple+. I find this a fun watch. Jon Hamm is featured in a big way so there’s that. I am not as enamored with the wardrobe choices this season but may be it will improve as I get through the series.
The Row Pump. I can’t figure this shoe out.
Don’t Call Me Home, by Alexandra Auder. I am not yet finished with these memoir but I am intrigued by the author’s detailed and colorful descriptions of a very unconventional upbringing and complicated relationship with her famous, via Wharhol, mom.
Coach I never tire of metallics. This little bag is not expensive and it looks like it can be functionally chic all year round.

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