2016 List of Bankrupt Words and Phrases

Last year I wrote a list of words/phrases that occurred in 2015 a bit too much. I see now this will be an annual compilation. Here’s my 2016 list. Cheers to 2017.





_____lives matter. (There should be no word used other than black. While many things matter to many people the original phrase is not appropriate-able at all. The original phrase isn’t on this list. If you don’t understand why that’s a different conversation)

Critical mass










I feel like,

Answering a question with, “I didn’t say that”







Lacquered Rooms

In fashion if you want to elongate, monochromatic dressing is employed by using the same color head to toe. I think that concept is what draws me to a monochromatic lacquered room. The use of the same saturated color (though even white is stunning), both on the wall and the trim, brings the eye from the floor to ceiling uninterupted. The lacquered sheen adds drama and attention to the trimwork. Matte finish monochromatic rooms are also interesting, but the trim work needs to be ample to create texture in the absence of shine.

In Memoriam of Lucky

One of the most incredible things you can do to add to your personal style and the style of your home is to make a dog (or a cat) a part of it. Over the 14 years our yellow lab Lucky was with us, she sat on pretty much every surface. Yes, there has been tons of dog hair floating through my house, fur balls hidden in the corners and under the furniture. As a puppy she ate a leather sofa, dented an heirloom necklace while teething, humped my velvet pillows (eeeew) and jumped up on counters to eat a perfectly baked cake, chicken, steak and loaves of bread. As she became older she ruined a rug or two, had the worst garbage breath, kept the carpet cleaner in business and took ownership of all my time.

And yet.

She was the best at making our house feel like a home. Sometimes, when I walked barefoot on our wood floors I could feel the warmth of her body on my feet after she had just gotten up. If I dropped something while eating, she was there to make it look like it didn’t happen. The sound of her little paws added to the timbre of a quiet morning. Her bark reassured us however weakly, that she was our warning system. I knew my community better because of our constant walks. Her friendliness brought neighbors into my life and even secured clients for me. My body and spirit were enriched by keeping up with hers. When anyone of us was mad, sad or generally hating the world, she was our safe haven of love. Just the thought of her when I out was enough to make me smile and get excited to return home.

So, now that she is gone, the fur is minimizing, the time spent tending to her is available, and my home is cleaner. But so what?  I am reminded so many ways I will miss her. How our house isn’t the same and how she was an infinite addition to our lives.

Her remains are in a tiny box on a bookcase near where she hung out with me in our study. I glance up to it and thank god she was ours and know she is really still here and will always live in our hearts no matter where we are.

Scarf Inventory

I think I have always been a scarf person. I have memories of rummaging through my mother’s scarves  when I was very young. And then later in my teen years, trying to emulate stylish NYC and French women. I dated a guy who two timed me and bought me a Hermes scarf to apologize. One of my favorite videos that I can watch on a loop is an Eileen Fisher how to style a scarf video-mesmerizing. My secret scarf buying tip is to look for them in childrens or mens stores. My all time favorites are the Etro scarves my mom wore in the 80’s, the cashmere ones I can wear in the Florida winter and the ones my kids have given me over the years. img_1593

Kips Bay Designer Showhouse 2016

There isn’t enough time to gush about the 2016 NYC Kips Bay Designer Showhouse. The texture on the walls alone warrant this post. From a raised tone on tone relief to full scale wall and ceiling mouldings drawn with chalk. There wasn’t a surface that wasn’t addressed with creativity and beauty. It seems wall paper is back. Whether it be a throwback elegant print, or a bold graphic there was much to see. I could have stayed all day.

Trendy Footwear


A quick trip to NYC and this was my takeaway in terms of footwear. Combining the Adidas Stan Smith tennis shoe with a rope sole, platform espadrille and voila, the birth of this shoe. It could be great or it could be faddish. I haven’t decided, but it is definitely on my mind.

Trainers and Tennies

Love a clean, or new, white—umm…umm.. I would like to think I am the sort to call them Tennies or Trainers but my Long Island roots are too deep to deny that they are: sneakers.

Common Projects makes the chic ver$ion in the upper left. My personal favorite are the middle top canvas Superga Cotu (which a friend calls my Super GA’s). The upper right are the re-released Addidas Stan Smiths.

Bottom left are the much required teenager in the know, Addidas Superstars. Middle bottom are K Swiss which kicked out Tretorns at camp circa 1978. And finally bottom right Nike version called the Tennis Classic AC–a low key contender.

I left out the classic Jack Purcells which are still relevant.

Keep them pristine.

All style is lost when they get old and dirty.