More is More


These images of Kenneth Jay Lane’s duplex apartment at 23 Park Avenue (The Robb House) were published recently in multiple home design blogs and publications as it went up for sale after the famed jewelry designer died. I felt like I won the interior design voyeur lottery. The former mansion was designed by architect Stanford White and completed in 1891.  Many years ago, I lived three blocks up from this beauty and was continually charmed when I walked past it in my neighborhood. Fashion and advertising shoots took advantaged of its stunning exterior. Often after dark, as I walked slowly by, I would peer into the leaded windows trying to catch a glimpse of anything–anything, that was inside. I had no idea who lived there or how the building was broken up into apartments. I had a incredible design crush on the property. To see these interior photographs is satisfying. I have spent way too much time going over the details of each room, from the bones of the building to the tchotchkes on each surface. There are so many layers to explore. This is a case of more is more.


Floral and Feminine

Rebecca Taylor


Floral dresses are everywhere. It may take awhile to find the one that best suits you.  For me, the challenge is not looking frumpy or too trendy. A delicate balance for a very pretty trend.


Slide into Summer

When the Gucci Princetown Mule came on the scene a few seasons ago I knew that this shoe looked best on those women with perfectly moist heels. And so, now that this summer is bursting with a myriad of good looking slide shoe options, I emphatically reiterate that sentiment. is the best online connection for empowered women

About CoveyClub


CoveyClub is a virtual meeting place for lifelong learners. (A covey is a small flock of birds, in case you weren’t sure about the name.)

CoveyClub was created by Lesley Jane Seymour after More Magazine folded and hundreds of her loyal readers approached her on her personal social media channels, asking her to create something new for them. Six-hundred-twenty-seven followers took a 54-question survey that allowed Lesley to create a roadmap to the CoveyClub offerings.

CoveyClub is a virtual and IRL (in real life) club platform built by–and for–members and has generosity and “welcomeness” at its heart. All members believe that the more you give, the more you get. Hence the CoveyClub hashtag: #LearnGetConnect.

CoveyClub was not created to replicate the More Magazine experience–but to take it to its logical digital and IRL conclusion: connecting women who feel they are living the best time of their lives.

CoveyClub reinforces its mission of supporting women in search of their dreams by serving as an affordable launch platform for solopreneurs and small businesses who can come to CoveyClub and test new products and ideas in a warm and thoughtful atmosphere. Check out our Covey B2B services here.


The link below bring you to the piece I wrote for that was published last month.

It’s Clear

Prada Clear Tote in White
Prada Small Plex Shopper $1040.
Prada Small Plex Shopper in Black
Prada Small Plex Shopper $1040.

It is a sad state of our times that our safety and security is limiting our fashion choices. The NFL, NCAA as well as other sports organizations are implementing clear bag policies at their arenas. Prada answers the call with their luxury vinyl tote fashioned with a large logo. For those wondering, the policy allows bags the are clear plastic or  vinyl or PVC and do not exceed 12″ x 6″ x 12″; such as a one-gallon clear plastic bag. The choices are not limited to Prada or Ziploc but I can’t think of two items less alike than these two particular solutions.

At the Ballet

While the ballet shoe trend has been here a couple of seasons, it’s been uninteresting to me. Today I spied a Puma sneaker who finally got it right. I don’t want to see an imitation ballet toe shoe- -but an inspired version that hints to its origin but is uniquely its own.