Utility Jumpsuit

For the past few seasons I have seen an increased showing of utility jumpsuits. While it seems like effortless dressing, I haven’t yet found one that works for me.

Frankie Shop


Turtlenecks are completely valid on their own but how they make a spaghetti strap sundress or a camisole top work in the winter is their real magic.  A turtleneck under a cotton blouse, jumpsuit or dress adds depth in addition to warmth.



Stockholm Street Style Photograph



Closet Hacks: Do's and Don'ts

DO: Use velour hangers, they are slim, cheap and colorful so you can organize your closet by hanger function. For example: use pink for hot weather items, beige for evening wear, and black for business.

DO: Have a full length mirror very close by with ample light.

DO: Put a wastebasket in your closet for clothing tags, pins and dry cleaning refuse.

DO: Put a pair of scissors in your closet for snipping tags or errant threads. 

DO: Have double stick tape and a lint brush in your closet.

DO: Put a hook in your closet for gently worn clothes or a cozy bathrobe.

DO: Build essentials to create foundation wardrobe. 

DO: Assess whether you would buy that item again today.

DO: Subscribe to one item in, one item out when purchasing new items by taking an item out of your closet when you purchase one of a similar category.

DO: Wear your newly purchased items as soon as the opportunity allows. Don’t save new, beautiful pieces for a better day. Today is the best day.

DO: Know where to donate your discarded items so you feel purposeful while editing.

DO: Find a great tailor. The cheapest clothes get elevated when the fit well.

DO: Place new items in a spot with their tags on so that if you find you haven’t worn them within a week or so you can return them within the store’s return policy. Tape the store receipt to the hanger.

DO: Built a capsule travel wardrobe and store it in your closet for efficient packing.

DON’T: Expect your closet to look like a boutique unless you have the energy to keep it up that way.  It’s is a working space and need not be photo ready unless that’s your pleasure.

DON’T: Place any thing you try on and take off without wearing back onto the shelf or rod until you can evaluate why those pieces aren’t working for you. 

DON’T: Forget to turn around and check the back of your outfit. Rear zippers, buttons and slips sometimes get forgotten.

DON’T: Forget appropriate undergarments when trying on clothing.

DON’T: Hold onto anything that is damaged or stained.

Selfie, #OOTD

Every day for the last few years I take a quick pic of myself before I leave the house. Sometimes it causes me rush back into my closet to change. Looking at a photograph of your outfit of the day (#ootd), gives you a different and more productive perspective than just looking in the mirror. You can examine the elements together instead of piece by piece. Seeing yourself in a mirror image photograph isn’t perfect. It can highlight a curve to look out of proportion when in real life it looks perfectly normal. I try to remember that I am a 360° person and the one dimension is helpful but not wholly accurate. It does give me a catalogue of outfits that have worked and ones that didn’t. It allows to see my style evolution: which item of clothing or accessory is in constant rotation and which items I am forgetting are a good option. I also take a pic of myself when I am trying on clothes in a dressing room. I can visit that image and decide if I really love/want/need the item I am trying on. I created an Instagram account for all of these images so they are easily accessible to me. Of course, you can just create an album on your phone.

Muddy Hues

When I see an unusual color in one place, my brain is turned on to notice it elsewhere. These muddy hues of red keep showing up for me.

Architectural Digest
Photo: Laure Joliet/WSJ
Eating Room Red/ Farrow & Ball
Photo: Laure Joliet/WSJ
Farrow & Ball Book Room Red 50
Photo:Laure Joliet/WSJ
Farrow & Ball
Red Earth/ Farrow & Ball

Annual Word and Phrase List

I started this list in 2015. 

“I love words. I feel triumphant when I chose a word judiciously. As a consumer of podcasts, broadcasts, lectures and other media I often hear the same words and expressions ad nauseam. They aren’t bad words–just overused words. They need a little break from usage to regain their power.”

Here is my 2019 list. Cheers to 2020.


Level up

Starting a sentence with, “I said,”

On boarded



Cancel culture

Vision board


In the space