At A Glance, November

Things I find notable for the month.

Mango I love a cropped tweed jacket with jeans or over a long dress. I may or may not have purchased this for someone’s Christmas gift. Shh.
I found DKF Estate Jewelry on Instagram, @dkfarnum. I have been blown away by the stunning jewelry pieces featured. After a bit of digging, I learned that DKF’s attention to detail and incredible sourcing makes them a premier source for those with a discerning eye. Dana Kraus’ excellent sensibility is a must follow.
As the holidays approach, don’t forget to sharpen your knives. I was reminded of this recently when I had two quite severe cuts on my hands from working with a dull knife. I used a mail away knife sharpener person. They mail you the materials for you to send your knives to them, and back, for a fixed fee. Within a week my knives were back and expertly sharpened.
Clarks Shoes, When I was in college I took an overnight train to Scotland and met Nathan Clark, the great grandson of Clarks Shoes, and founder of the Desert Boot. He was lovely, and I have favored Clarks Shoes since then. This Wallabee style is shearling lined. It will look so cool, keeping you warm.
Alberta Ferretti I don’t know if you are having trouble finding quality belts without big logos. The flower detail on this belt would elevate a simple outfit. It is jewelry for the waist.
Kellogg’s All Bran Buds happens to taste really good–that is may help with other things is just a plus.
Dualit, I am keenly aware of how quickly my small appliances age no matter how well I take care of them. This toaster would up my counter game. It is a bit pricey.
Vegan, at Times, I have made many of Jessica Seinfeld’s recipes so I look forward to her newest release.
&Daughter, Though I am a bit of a neutrals person, I love a pop of red.

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