Are You Shopping?

In the beginning of this pandemic, I could not even think about clothes but as I got a little more back to myself–even if the world did not, I found myself noticing all the sales and promotions on clothing I had liked but never purchased. I made a little deal with myself that if the item fell into the $30 range or below, it was in range of rationalization during uncertain times.

Frame Denim Le Bardot Grey $30. Poshmark
J. Crew Navy Slip Skirt. I had a credit so no out of pocket $0.
GAP LOVE Poplin Pajama $36.
ASOS White Hoodie $30.
Banana Republic Denim Crop Top $27.
Brooks Brothers Red Fleece Bow Blouse $13.50
Loft Patch Pocket Jeans $29.

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Empty Street Style

NYC 2020

As I mentioned in my last post, I am having panic attacks of late but I must be feeling better if I am cleaning my shower grout with a toothbrush and micro needling and then applying vitamin C serum to my skin. But that’s a whole other diagnosis.

I wonder what we will want to be wearing when this pandemic is over? Will the trends we saw prior to the shelter in place orders be long gone? Will we have a great desire for structured clothing when all we have been wearing at home are casual comfy things–on our bottom halves at least– for Zoom calls? Will the gravity of this event make fashion seem frivolous?

While style never goes away–it reflects the wearer not the trends, I do think of fashion as a reflection of a hope providing an expression of identity, creativity and freedom. Our concerns for health and stability are more dire now, but I bet they will inform, in some way, what we will be wanting to wear when we get through these trying times.