Home Sewing

Will the uptick in crocheting, knitting and needlepointing due to home confinement increase our awareness and appreciation for fine needlework in our clothing?

J Crew
J Crew

Zoom Meeting Mullet

If you are like the countless women I know who are on Zoom meetings, you are doing the pandemic fashion version of the mullet: business in the front, party in the back. You are wearing a blouse, earrings and makeup but you are wearing sweats or pajama bottoms below the camera’s view. Tops that are lighter weight coming into warmer weather, that aren’t too revealing or casual, and that don’t compromise professionalism are more important than ever for our online presence. All of these tops work well with or without a necklace or a scarf and provide polish without sacrificing comfort.

Banana Republic
Banana Republic

Are You Shopping?

In the beginning of this pandemic, I could not even think about clothes but as I got a little more back to myself–even if the world did not, I found myself noticing all the sales and promotions on clothing I had liked but never purchased. I made a little deal with myself that if the item fell into the $30 range or below, it was in range of rationalization during uncertain times.

Frame Denim Le Bardot Grey $30. Poshmark
J. Crew Navy Slip Skirt. I had a credit so no out of pocket $0.
GAP LOVE Poplin Pajama $36.
ASOS White Hoodie $30.
Banana Republic Denim Crop Top $27.
Brooks Brothers Red Fleece Bow Blouse $13.50
Loft Patch Pocket Jeans $29.

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Quarantine Time

Depending on with whom you are isolating, you may find yourself feeling lonely, jumping out of your skin, busy getting stuff done or content to be hunkered down despite the horror, grief and fear. Here is how I am spending my Q time.

Long walks in the neighborhood.
Peloton Bike and Concept2 D Rowing Machine.
Cooking constantly.
Hanging with my favorite girl.
Socially distanced visiting with loved ones.
Reading a lot.
Polishing silver and cleaning.

Sitting outside.
Scanning photos from the pre-digital age.

Denim Skirts

I am almost panic-attack free and have come to accept that I cannot control anything outside my own brain. I am still not leaving the house but I have started to be interested in clothing again: not to preach or suggest but to mull and consider. At the risk of being a bit sister wifey, a well shaped denim skirt has the casual nature of jeans with a bit of polish. That’s why when you wear one you have to be scrupulous about proportion and how you wear it. A midi one has to be fitted enough to show some curves and a A line one is best served with a little bootie or strappy sandal so it looks chic and not cultish. I think the below Target pic illustrates that the slide she is wearing isn’t the best choice. I would have paired it with a white canvas sneaker, a low heeled strappy sandal or a bootie. She looks like she got home from work, took off the shoes that did look cute, but slid these on to go outside to get her mail. What do you think?

Lauren Ralph Lauren
Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini
J Crew
J Crew

What Is Old Is New, Again

Yes, fashion is cyclical. These velcro sandals were popular over 20 years ago and they may be perfect Coronavirus footwear. They are easy to put on and to take off . Because, like, where are you going? At least they aren’t slippers. While they aren’t flattering but on the most attractive feet–who but your self isolating loved ones will see you wearing them? I would add socks if you live where it is still a bit chilly or you want some cozy comfort. The Chanel ones below were the exact ones I had back on the first go ’round. They never looked good on me but they were damn fashionable.

The Row
J Crew