Signet and Pinky Rings

As my hands age you would think I’m not looking to place shiny objects on them to call attention to their age spots, wrinkles and arthritic knuckles. However, I am thinking that a shiny object is JUST the thing to excite me when I look down at my hands. I have loved signet rings since seeing it on my late Great Grandpa Harry when I was a child. I’m planning to get my hands on that one. Here are a few choices, just in case it doesn’t turn up.

David Yurman
Pippa Middleton/GettyImages
Prince Charles/Tatler


Did you ever open up your jewelry box or drawer and find something that you completely forgot you owned? The instagram tag category #neckmess has taught me to give new life to pieces of antique jewelry, art camp beading and pieces borrowed from loved ones.  #Neckmess will encourage you to use more of your pieces, more of the time. Dig into your collection and start creating.