At A Glance, October

What I find notable for the month.

leena for Mac Dougal, also available here. I saw this dress on a woman on TikTok and had a immediate “I want that reaction.” The color in this pic is a bit dull but when I saw it on the video it’s very chartreuse and vibrant. I don’t have an event to even consider buying it, but I want to.
This is a classic I had never read. Written in 1943, A Tree Grows In Brooklyn shares the life a a young girl at the turn of the century in Brooklyn. I didn’t actually read it. I listened to this book narrated by the wonderful actor, Kate Burton. At bedtime, I often set the timer on the audiocast and fell asleep listening so I had to go back and re-listen quite a few times. Each time I went back, I picked up details that I had missed the first time.
Gucci Westman’s Westman Atelier is a favorite makeup of mine. I am not really a makeup person but I like that her formulas don’t irritate my skin. It’s lightweight and I adore the way it’s packaged. This Vital Skincare Complexion Drops is a new addition.
I just finished reading I’m Glad My Mom Died by Jennette McCurdy. Jennette was a child star on Nickelodeon. Her writing is tight, funny and easy to read- which belies how abusive her childhood is portrayed. However disturbing I still enjoyed reading it.
PINKO. More of my obsession with silk charmeuse. I have own silk charmeuse blouses and I inevitably spill some sort of oil on them.
This Sergio Hudson tailored blazer was part of the designer collaboration that Target just had with Sergio Hudson, La Ligne and Kika Vargas. I didn’t notice it until I was in store and picked it up as a lark. It’s a well designed and well made piece. I am glad I didn’t miss it.
The Row. What is it with me and shiny objects this month? I love practical brown, black and cordovan but if I were to splurge on an alternate, I would pick this loafer.
Brooks Brothers cotton blouse. I am a sucker for a white cotton blouse and I love a tie neck. I find that button downs can have a masculine vibe and it’s nice to have one or two or three with a more feminine slant. It creates a polished look with very little effort. No jewelry or scarf required.
“Heartstopper” on Netflix. I loved this charming love story/friendship story. I don’t want to ruin it by describing it.

At A Glance, June

What I find notable for the month.

Banana Republic. When I saw this multi-pocketed vest, I wondered if I could forgo a purse.
Derek Lam/10 Crosby. I want this.
Loewe sneaker. I saw a woman wearing these this summer and I knew immediately I would feature them here. Love the low key, but colorful vibe.
Petite Maman. This quiet movie is deceiving. The dialogue is minimal, no soundtrack-but it’s powerful and moving. I was on a plane while watching this crying from beginning to end. Nothing happens that is upsetting, it’s just so moving, I couldn’t help myself.
Etro. I love this colorful bag for summer.
After two and a half years Covid finally got me. I will not complain. I didn’t have it nearly as bad as many. I just hope that people don’t think that it’s over. Let’s not minimize the concern for at-risk people.
I stalked these Clergerie oxfords for a minute before I finally bought a pair.

The “Woman Who Was Kept On A Shelf” as part of the anthology of Roar. An Apple TV series of dark comedic fables of feminism, misogyny, gender roles and identity.
Tory Burch Sneakers. These suede sneakers look like terry cloth.
This Time Tomorrow. I am enjoying this new release by Emma Straub.
Alex Mill. This classic button down is the perfect summer staple. Wear it as a jacket, under a vest, as a cover up. Roll up the sleeves or leave them long and slouchy. It is signature, summer 2022.
Target Dad Sandals These quilted ones look a little like the Chanel ones (they come in black too.)
I adore this satin short set. This is the link for the top, here is the link for the shorts.