At A Glance, December

What I find notable for the month.

December is always a notable month for me not because of the major holidays but because it’s my birthday and my wedding anniversary. I am not a birthday cake person. My favorite cakes always lean toward coffee cake types. Plain rather than rich. Sour cream, apple, milk, chocolate loaf, chocolate chip crunch (recipe below.) I don’t need them to be fancy–in fact, I prefer a cake that looks imperfect. Far better to slice a piece off as I walk by it as it sits on the counter.

Chocolate Chip Crunch Cake
The Fabelmans. This is Steven Spielberg’s newest film. While it’s a semi autobiographical take on his childhood- it also is a story of marriage, family, loyalty and passion. It was long- but I saw the length as a necessary device to make sure that I slowed down enough to take in all the details to note-of which there are many. I enjoyed this film.
Christian Dior I really love a spectator shoe. This one has such a square toe. I wonder if it will be become timeless or dated.
I am listening to this biography of Mike Nichols b.1931, d.2014. I love biographies-they remind me that icons and legends are just humans. Mike Nichols had an epic life story as a theatre and film director, actor, producer and comedian. Some of the details of his life go deeply where I have no interest but since I am listening to this book as I fall asleep at night I will say that is actually a good thing.

At A Glance, November

What I find notable for the month.

I like this Madewell vest so much I put it on my birthday wishlist. The good thing about having a birthday so close to Black Friday is everyone can save money buying me birthday gifts.
I am always looking for neutral sneakers and these New Balance are good looking.
The Midnight Library, by Matt Haig. I generally like time travel and parallel lives stories (think of the movie Sliding Doors) so this story of a woman who visits her alternate lives appealed to me.
I love that this Jennifer Fisher charm clasp can allow you to wear your collection of charms more frequently because it makes it easy to change them out. I think it would look equally chic without any charms at all.
My family and I played this newer game, Wavelength the other night. I don’t know much about group games so I can’t describe it as being similar to others but we had a great time.
I like this Reformation, low, but not flat, knee high boot. They work well with dresses, skirts and wide leg pants.
Trader Joe’s Hyaluronic serum. I have been using this well priced serum for a month and like it. Is it making a difference? I am not sure.
I just binged Season 5 of the Netflix series The Crown. I enjoyed it but understand that some may think it’s not as strong a season. It could be that for those of us old enough, we remember and lived through much of Season 5’s content drama.
Dish Daddy. I was already obsessed with the Scrub Daddy to clean my dishes, pots and pans as well as a plethora of other cleaning tasks around my house-but then this wand attached to a Scrub Daddy was introduced and I am equally enamored! There is no other scrubby as wonderful as the Scrub Daddy ones.