At a Glance: August

What is new and notable for the month of August.

Recipe: Parsley Parmesan Chicken

Grocery List:

4 Boneless Chicken Breast Cutlets

Marinade or Vinaigrette

Bunch of Flat Leaf Parsley

One Clove Garlic (optional)

2 Cups Parmesan or Romano cheese

1 Cup Panko Breadcrumbs



All purpose flour

Butter and Olive Oil  


Pound boneless skinless chicken breasts thinly. Marinate cutlets in a vinaigrette dressing for at least an hour or up to 24 hours.Beat 2 eggs in a shallow bowl or dish. Add 2 cups of all purpose flour in another shallow bowl or dish. Add to food processor, the minced garlic clove, parsley, 2 cups cheese and 2 teaspoons pepper. Add Panko breadcrumbs at the end just to incorporate. Move mixture to its own shallow bowl or dish.

Heat up olive oil and a pat of butter in frying pan. 
Dip marinated cutlets in flour first, then dip into the beaten eggs, then in parsley parmesan mixture and into hot skillet pan. Cook 4 minutes on each side or until cooked through. 
This recipe is forgiving. The amounts are not dire. If you are making a lot of chicken you will want plenty of the parsley parmesan mix. Put aside some of the mixture in a separate container and replenish the dipping dish as needed so that if there is any left over is not contaminated by the raw chicken and you can store it in your refrigerator for about a week. 

J. Crew sweater. This sequined polo sweater is perfect for end of summer evenings and anytime you want to elevate your outfit without going too dressy.
I am watching Jewish Matchmaking on Netflix. This show illuminates that when someone identifies as Jewish, it isn’t one homogenous version of a culture or a religion.
Marni Leather Short Blazer. This teal color is everywhere for Fall. It’s a bit refreshing to see a blazer less oversized.
I think there are people who need this Snickers Seasoning.

At A Glance, January

What I find new and notable for the month.

Cucumber Salad (Serves 6)

3 Large English Cucumbers (any cucumbers will do)
Pinch of Kosher Salt

3 Tablespoons soy sauce
2 Cloves minced garlic
3 Tablespoons of rice vinegar
1 Tablespoon of white or brown sugar or honey
2 Teaspoons of sesame oil
1 Teaspoon of chili paste or red pepper flakes
1 Teaspoons of sesame seeds (optional)
Bunch of scallions

Cut cucumbers in slices, sprinkle salt them over paper towels for 5 minutes. Rinse with water and pat dry.
Mix sauce then add cucumbers and let sit for a few minutes. They will continue to marinate when you keep them in the refrigerator. Adjust sauce ingredients for your preferences.
Ulla Johnson. These lean more feminine than the usual combat boot. I like the color blocking.
Nili Lotan. I am not sure gaucho pants or culottes will be universally accepted but I like they have the look of a skirt while maintaining what is easy about wearing pants.
Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris is a light and fluffy movie streaming on Peacock. Was it realistic? No. Was it sweet? Yes. It’s not high brow but if you need something to watch that is non threatening, or scary before you go to sleep-this is the ticket.
Faherty velvet overalls. I just finished a collaboration with Faherty. If you use my link with the code, Harrow20 you will get 20% off your purchase.
Tiffany & Co. The silver modernizes the pearls in this necklace. I will be using the combination for inspiration with my silver and pearl pieces.
Gap. I am loving these wide leg jeans that are wide through the leg but contour the waist and butt. My eye is even more accustomed to the wider leg style and I think I am heading even wider.