Mixed with a more conservative pairing like a structured blazer, artfully paint splattered denim or chinos can look fresh. Is it too young or funky for some of us? Something to think about.

Ralph Lauren
Bell Jean
Jenna Lyons/Image: Pinterest
Philipp Plein
Jenna Lyons/Image: Pinterest
Vans MoMA Pollack Authentic

Muddy Hues

When I see an unusual color in one place, my brain is turned on to notice it elsewhere. These muddy hues of red keep showing up for me.

Architectural Digest
Photo: Laure Joliet/WSJ
Eating Room Red/ Farrow & Ball
Photo: Laure Joliet/WSJ
Farrow & Ball Book Room Red 50
Photo:Laure Joliet/WSJ
Farrow & Ball
Red Earth/ Farrow & Ball