Denim Skirts

I am almost panic-attack free and have come to accept that I cannot control anything outside my own brain. I am still not leaving the house but I have started to be interested in clothing again: not to preach or suggest but to mull and consider. At the risk of being a bit sister wifey, a well shaped denim skirt has the casual nature of jeans with a bit of polish. That’s why when you wear one you have to be scrupulous about proportion and how you wear it. A midi one has to be fitted enough to show some curves and a A line one is best served with a little bootie or strappy sandal so it looks chic and not cultish. I think the below Target pic illustrates that the slide she is wearing isn’t the best choice. I would have paired it with a white canvas sneaker, a low heeled strappy sandal or a bootie. She looks like she got home from work, took off the shoes that did look cute, but slid these on to go outside to get her mail. What do you think?

Lauren Ralph Lauren
Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini
J Crew
J Crew

Selfie, #OOTD

Every day for the last few years I take a quick pic of myself before I leave the house. Sometimes it causes me rush back into my closet to change. Looking at a photograph of your outfit of the day (#ootd), gives you a different and more productive perspective than just looking in the mirror. You can examine the elements together instead of piece by piece. Seeing yourself in a mirror image photograph isn’t perfect. It can highlight a curve to look out of proportion when in real life it looks perfectly normal. I try to remember that I am a 360° person and the one dimension is helpful but not wholly accurate. It does give me a catalogue of outfits that have worked and ones that didn’t. It allows to see my style evolution: which item of clothing or accessory is in constant rotation and which items I am forgetting are a good option. I also take a pic of myself when I am trying on clothes in a dressing room. I can visit that image and decide if I really love/want/need the item I am trying on. I created an Instagram account for all of these images so they are easily accessible to me. Of course, you can just create an album on your phone.

Holiday Luxe Options

Never be deterred that a look you covet cannot be found at a less expensive price. Two cases in point. This Tanya Taylor blouse is luxury at $375. while its Banana Republic sister is $89.50. The luxurious Vince satin skirt is $265.00 to Banana Republic’s champagne version at $98.50

Tanya Taylor
Banana Republic
Banana Republic

Summer Black

Maybe it’s because I am a New Yorker at heart, but black still resonates style for me, even in the summer. Here are a few black dresses that can easily transition into colder weather– one day, far into the South Florida future.