At A Glance, November

Things I find notable for the month.

Mango I love a cropped tweed jacket with jeans or over a long dress. I may or may not have purchased this for someone’s Christmas gift. Shh.
I found DKF Estate Jewelry on Instagram, @dkfarnum. I have been blown away by the stunning jewelry pieces featured. After a bit of digging, I learned that DKF’s attention to detail and incredible sourcing makes them a premier source for those with a discerning eye. Dana Kraus’ excellent sensibility is a must follow.
As the holidays approach, don’t forget to sharpen your knives. I was reminded of this recently when I had two quite severe cuts on my hands from working with a dull knife. I used a mail away knife sharpener person. They mail you the materials for you to send your knives to them, and back, for a fixed fee. Within a week my knives were back and expertly sharpened.
Clarks Shoes, When I was in college I took an overnight train to Scotland and met Nathan Clark, the great grandson of Clarks Shoes, and founder of the Desert Boot. He was lovely, and I have favored Clarks Shoes since then. This Wallabee style is shearling lined. It will look so cool, keeping you warm.
Alberta Ferretti I don’t know if you are having trouble finding quality belts without big logos. The flower detail on this belt would elevate a simple outfit. It is jewelry for the waist.
Kellogg’s All Bran Buds happens to taste really good–that is may help with other things is just a plus.
Dualit, I am keenly aware of how quickly my small appliances age no matter how well I take care of them. This toaster would up my counter game. It is a bit pricey.
Vegan, at Times, I have made many of Jessica Seinfeld’s recipes so I look forward to her newest release.
&Daughter, Though I am a bit of a neutrals person, I love a pop of red.

At A Glance, October

What I find notable for the month.

Totême My eye loves a black and white or black and cream graphic.
I have a hard time using the word “enjoyed” when watching a compelling program about a single mother trying to give her daughter a stable life while dealing with current and past abuse. But, yes, I can recommend this Netflix series. Margaret Qualley gives a phenomenal performance. Andie McDowell, Qualley’s real life mother, plays her mother in the show. Bravo, to them both, as well as their capable cast mates, writers, editors and other production people who made a heart jerking and heart warming series.
World Market Apron I have been looking for another kind of apron that doesn’t require fussing with strings. I haven’t yet ordered this one, but the no nonsense of this one looks good.

Harrowstyle Ricotta Meatballs in Bright Tomato Sauce

Shun Kanso Asian Utility Knife I follow a chef on Tiktok who uses this knife to chop vegetables with precision.
Madewell Socks with loafers, sandals, Birkenstocks are all on trend. Adding glimmer socks gives a little more light to the look.
GAP I have featured Shackets before, this one is slightly longer; I like the proportions.