At A Glance, November

My eldest son is engaged!
Stunning calligraphy by my talented friend, @societyscribe. DM her on Instagram for commissions and prices.
High Waisted Pleated Pants
The Crown Season 4/Netflix
Cauliflower Fried Rice
Ted Lasso /Apple TV
Baked Ziti
The Queen’s Gambit/Netfilx
Seth Godin/The Practice
Costco is big into the Shacket trend
Are we back to this?

At A Glance, October

Jack O’Lantern Palm Sky
I have a thing for a wingtip shoes. The feminine heeled T-Strap is by Carmina Shoemaker and the classic menswear inspired brogue is by Ralph Lauren
Outfit of The Day, @harktheday
Savvy Planet empty glass spray bottle with silicone sleeve for eco friendly cleaning.
Frozen shrimp are a dinner game changer.

I am impressed by Codex Beauty, a newer beauty brand.
Get your library card updated and download the Cloud Library App. For older titles that you haven’t yet read, it feels so good to borrow instead of buy.
Whatever your politics, please vote.