Muddy Hues

When I see an unusual color in one place, my brain is turned on to notice it elsewhere. These muddy hues of red keep showing up for me.

Architectural Digest
Photo: Laure Joliet/WSJ
Eating Room Red/ Farrow & Ball
Photo: Laure Joliet/WSJ
Farrow & Ball Book Room Red 50
Photo:Laure Joliet/WSJ
Farrow & Ball
Red Earth/ Farrow & Ball

Royal Coats

The Daily Mail/Wire Image

The Royal’s coat game never ceases to impress me. There are countless examples on the internet of how well their coats are designed and tailored. As the granddaughter of a Russian immigrant who made his living in the women’s coat trade, I would like to think my appreciation was borne from my own heritage. Nonetheless, they are just stunning!

Are They Candles?

Cheap flameless candles in the green hurricane lanterns from Home Goods.
Finer quality flameless candle from Pottery Barn

No doubt that candle light adds a romantic glow to a home. I will admit that I have gone to bed once or twice without blowing out a candle. Luckily for me, they burned down and out without incident. In addition, I frequently ration how much to use a candle because to replace them both physically and financially is just annoying. I have recently replaced many candles in my home with these flameless candles. Yes, they are fake. But, they look so good. The expensive versions are beautiful and the cheaper ones are not awful. Some have a wax finish so they feel like the real thing to the touch as well. Some flameless candles even have a timer so the time you set them on initially, will prompt them to illuminate at that same time night after night. Within about 5 hours they turn themselves off. Brilliant.


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We all have become so accustomed to looking at polished images of beautiful travel locations, well curated outfits and pristine interiors. What my eye is attracted to is the patina formed from the utility of a good design.