Wardrobe Break Up

Personal stylists often mention a “capsule wardrobe” item. That is, those pieces in your closet that you can count on to look great, feel great and work as a base for the other items in your closet to facilitate easy dressing.

I too, recommend knowing which pieces in your closet are your strongest. Sometimes you gain or lose weight, have surgery that changes your shape, or the molecules of your body just rearrange themselves so what once looked good, does no longer.

For me, the button down short sleeve popover shirt was a go-to. I owned it in black, white and blue, and in silk and cotton. But, in recent months when I put one on, it just looked wrong. I can’t explain if it was the sleeve, my body, or that my eye just didn’t see it the same. I kept trying to make it work. I never actually walked out of the house with it on. I spent more time putting it on, and taking it off, then actually wearing one. So, if you keep trying to wear a piece of clothing you used to love and wear all the time, but now it never makes it out of the closet/bedroom/house, you too, may consider that it’s time to break up.

Closet Hacks: Do’s and Don’ts

DO: Use velour hangers, they are slim, cheap and colorful so you can organize your closet by hanger function. For example: use pink for hot weather items, beige for evening wear, and black for business.

DO: Have a full length mirror very close by with ample light.

DO: Put a wastebasket in your closet for clothing tags, pins and dry cleaning refuse.

DO: Put a pair of scissors in your closet for snipping tags or errant threads. 

DO: Have double stick tape and a lint brush in your closet.

DO: Put a hook in your closet for gently worn clothes or a cozy bathrobe.

DO: Build essentials to create foundation wardrobe. 

DO: Assess whether you would buy that item again today.

DO: Subscribe to one item in, one item out when purchasing new items by taking an item out of your closet when you purchase one of a similar category.

DO: Wear your newly purchased items as soon as the opportunity allows. Don’t save new, beautiful pieces for a better day. Today is the best day.

DO: Know where to donate your discarded items so you feel purposeful while editing.

DO: Find a great tailor. The cheapest clothes get elevated when the fit well.

DO: Place new items in a spot with their tags on so that if you find you haven’t worn them within a week or so you can return them within the store’s return policy. Tape the store receipt to the hanger.

DO: Built a capsule travel wardrobe and store it in your closet for efficient packing.

DON’T: Expect your closet to look like a boutique unless you have the energy to keep it up that way.  It’s is a working space and need not be photo ready unless that’s your pleasure.

DON’T: Place any thing you try on and take off without wearing back onto the shelf or rod until you can evaluate why those pieces aren’t working for you. 

DON’T: Forget to turn around and check the back of your outfit. Rear zippers, buttons and slips sometimes get forgotten.

DON’T: Forget appropriate undergarments when trying on clothing.

DON’T: Hold onto anything that is damaged or stained.