At A Glance, March

What I find new and notable for the month.

House of Eve by Sadeqa Johnson. I always know how much I like a book by how disappointed I am when it’s finished. House of Eve is the story of two accomplished black women in the late 1940’s with respect to the times in which they lived-including poverty, privilege, racism, colorism, sexism. There are additional themes of motherhood, family, trust and love woven throughout this very enjoyable book.
Tory Burch I love this little cross body tote in an incredible green (aptly named Patina.) It does come in other colors. It has a little magnetic security strap inside and separated sections.
Vince. I saw these sneakers in person and thought at first they were just regular gum soled sneakers until I got close up and saw they are clear, rubber dipped. They also come in pink and blue. So fun.
Tory Burch top and Tory Burch skirt. This set is lovely. Of course, the pieces can work separately with other things in your closet. Check out a similar set below at a gentler price point.
Kate Spade top, Kate Spade skirt. While there is a bit of a price difference of the two, I think they both achieve a fresh ethereal look.
J. Crew. I have been looking to replace of long jeans that were too tight in the thigh. This one is perfect.
ChloƩ. This shoe would add a pop to a more understated outfit or work well mixing textures in a more complex one.
Succession is back on HBO Max. This is the final season and I am enthusiastically here for it. I was in NYC last summer when they filming all over Manhattan, so it’s fun to see the locations so many months later.

At A Glance, December

What I find notable for the month.

December is always a notable month for me not because of the major holidays but because it’s my birthday and my wedding anniversary. I am not a birthday cake person. My favorite cakes always lean toward coffee cake types. Plain rather than rich. Sour cream, apple, milk, chocolate loaf, chocolate chip crunch (recipe below.) I don’t need them to be fancy–in fact, I prefer a cake that looks imperfect. Far better to slice a piece off as I walk by it as it sits on the counter.

Chocolate Chip Crunch Cake
The Fabelmans. This is Steven Spielberg’s newest film. While it’s a semi autobiographical take on his childhood- it also is a story of marriage, family, loyalty and passion. It was long- but I saw the length as a necessary device to make sure that I slowed down enough to take in all the details to note-of which there are many. I enjoyed this film.
Christian Dior I really love a spectator shoe. This one has such a square toe. I wonder if it will be become timeless or dated.
I am listening to this biography of Mike Nichols b.1931, d.2014. I love biographies-they remind me that icons and legends are just humans. Mike Nichols had an epic life story as a theatre and film director, actor, producer and comedian. Some of the details of his life go deeply where I have no interest but since I am listening to this book as I fall asleep at night I will say that is actually a good thing.