At A Glance, May

A gathering of what I find notable for the month.

YSL Chain Link Belt
Vintage chain link belts are plentiful on resale sites.
A toaster that uses steam technology to allow for a moist center with crispy outsides. Image courtesy Balmuda.
Landslide by Susan Conley
Straw bags are a big summer trend. This one above, by M. Gemi, is handsome and well priced.
HALSTON, The Netflix Biopic. The rise and fall of the mononymous designer. Watch it for the clothing, the set design, the locations and much more.
Bucket hats are another huge trend for the summer.

Estel Eyelash Dye. Disclaimer! This is not for everyone, but, if you are deft at dangerous beauty treatments at home, you can dye your own eyelashes. The writing on the tube and bottle are in a language I do not recognize, but the package does come with English instructions. I repeat, this is not for everyone and could be very dangerous. That said, this is the best eyelash dye I have ever used.

Michael Kors Collection Langley Sandal.
Jicama Wraps from Trader Joes’s.

At A Glance, February

Things I find notable for the month.

Homemade Roasted Tomato Soup from @littlespicejar
Mid Heel Women’s Derby Shoe, The Office of Angela Scott
Revlon Lipgloss 306, natural lip color but a smidge darker.
The Price of Admission, by Liz Petrone. An emotional read, beautifully articulated.
Camp Reinvention. The best membership program with amazing tools and community support. Master Coaches, Dana Hilmer and Wendy Perotti are impactful leaders. They teach real solutions, allowing you to create change, so you can love your life.
NeuBROW has definitely helped my thinning eyebrows.
Some Kind Of Heaven, A documentary about the infamous retirement community, The Villages, in Central Florida. Entertainingly depressing. Amazonprime, Googleplay, Youtube.
Estelle Cake Stand. The most gorgeous hand blown glassware.
This thoughtful podcast is quietly powerful. A great for inspiration for people who want to show up as the best version of themselves.
The perfect French terry robe.
Bling Empire, Netflix. Guilty pleasure.