Chic Drinks with A chic Friend: Lobby Bar, The Hotel Chelsea

If you are in NYC and want to do drinks in a quintessential, elegant old European/New York way, head to the recently renovated Lobby Bar at The Hotel Chelsea. We were first seated in the lovely candle lit solarium room, but the Maîte d’ need that spot and gently moved us to an even more comfortable plush sofa banquet. The crowd was elegant and cool in an understated way. I am not a drinker so I ordered a Virgin Mary and some crudités. She ordered a Margarita and our drinks were served with mixed nuts. I love a beautiful rest room and the downstairs lobby one didn’t disappoint (I don’t have pics of that.) My chic friend said she had previously enjoyed breakfast in the Lobby bar and the morning sun streaming in added to its beauty. The photographs of the hotel rooms look inviting. The storied history of this hotel is worth a deep dive. (Photographs aren’t mine.)

Iconic Hotel Chelsea sign
The Hotel Chelsea lobby entrance
The Hotel Chelsea, Lobby Bar
The Hotel Chelsea, Lobby Bar (I sat at that banquet on the right.)
The Hotel Chelsea, Lobby Bar, solarium room
The Hotel Chelsea, Lobby Bar solarium room
The Hotel Chelsea Lobby Bar solarium room at night.
The Hotel Chelsea, The Superb Balcony Accommodation
The Hotel Chelsea, Deluxe 2 bedroom Pied  Terre Bathroom

At A Glance, April

What I find new and notable for the month.

Coach I am not sure this little bag hold much but I love that it speaks to the heritage of the Coach brand while looking decidedly modern.
Next In Fashion, Season 2. Netflix. An intelligent fashion designer competition. No cut throat competition where ridiculous challenges are thrown in for senseless drama. The drama comes with each designer competing with their next, more accomplished version of themselves. Watching the designers’ process reveals their own deficiencies and talents. Next In Fashion introduces you to each designer so you are watching their human stories. I love hosts Tan France and Gigi Hadid. They are both keen fashion insiders and their warmth is palpable.
COS. I enjoy a sweater that can act both a shirt, sweater and jacket. This one can do that.
Group by Christie Tate I am featuring two of Christie Tate’s books because I have spent countless hours with her in my ear hearing her read straight into my brain through the audio book versions. I love her voice, her honesty, her intelligence. This book is about her experience in group therapy but that’s an undersell. It’s so much more about self awareness and relationships. As soon as I finished it, I queued up BFF. I wasn’t done hanging with Christie.
BFF by Christie Tate This book is Tate’s journey of her own self awareness through her friendships. We all have those friends that haunt our past and live in our heart’s future. What can we learn from our friendships both during and after we share them? Tate’s book is though provoking and dear.
A Emery. I love a black leather strap and sole sandal that can stay in your wardrobe for a good long time. These are well priced and good quality.
COS. I enjoy my blue and black denim skirts so I know I would wear a white one often too.