At A Glance, April

Things I find notable for the month.

Wait, what? My brother unearthed family photographs I have never seen. I have very similar style to my paternal grandmother. Look at those sailor pants. I would wear those today.
Banana Republic Poplin Dress.
Diptyque Perfume Infused Bracelet. Cut the chic black and white rope from its dental floss-like dispenser and secure it to your wrist for all day fragrance.
GTFO. Delicious tasting vitamins that support immune health. I would eat the whole container if they didn’t direct to have them only twice a day.
If you are a avid reader of shelter blogs, Instagram, Architectural Digest or Elle Decor you are probably looking at the design and furnishings of the rooms. I can’t help but be blown away by the photography itself. Photographer, Eric Piasecki captures beauty in the space, whether or not I love the design. Look at his website:
Flight Radar 24 is a flight tracking app. I hate flying second to almost no one, but I do like that I can point my phone at the sky and find out what aircraft is above me. The app details the carrier, its altitude, flight number, which airport it’s coming from and where it’s going to, what time it took off and when it’s going to land. You can watch the little yellow plane icons move in real time. For someone like me, it’s a wonder I love this app so much.
There is a version of this word used in polyamory. This is not that one.
Clubhouse is the relatively new iPhone-only Audio App. It’s similar to listening to the radio or a podcast but with the capacity to join the conversation. There are endless topics being discussed –at all hours. It takes a while to learn the rules of the clubs and the rooms, but no one is watching you jump around to listen, so you can sample the content without commitment.
Do you live with someone who wants their supplements on the counter where you have to look at them? Perform an ugly container makeover.
Chanel Knit Sneaker

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