Signature Style Match Game

Your choices in clothing, accessories, and hair defines your particular look. If you wear it often enough, it will become your signature style. Do you know what item defines the style of each of these women? The answers are below for those who don’t want to play.

VP Elect Kamala Harris Left photo,Celeste Sloman,Redux/Right photo: Justin Sullivan,Getty Images.
The late Honorable Ruth Bader Ginsburg Left photo: Shuran Huang, NPR Right photo: Official portrait
Anna Wintour Left photo:Getty Images/Right photo: Ryan Emberley/amfAR/Getty Images
Dr. Deborah Birx Left photo: Anna Moneymaker, New York Times/Right photo: White House/Andrea Hanks
Jackie Kennedy Onassis Left photo: Getty Images/ Right photo:Time Life Pictures
Queen Elizabeth Left photo: John Swanell/Right photo:GMA Photo Illustration

Answers: Kamala Harris’ Converse sneakers/ Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s collars, Anna Wintour’s sunglasses and bob haircut/Dr.Deborah Birx’s scarves/Jackie Kennedy Onassis’ pill box hats/Queen Elizabeth’s bright colored coats.

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