Keeping It Real

We are seeing a backlash to the perfect lives we are used to seeing on social media. Sharing the ugly parts, the real parts, and the usually edited parts, is trending.

One influencer in particular, is shattering the facade of perfection on Instagram. @danaemercer is exposing the secrets of how posing in certain ways or using video editing apps takes a normal human body and distorts it to be thinner, longer, blemish or cellulite free. As if being thinner, longer, or blemish free is necessary to be considered beautiful or lovable. Check out her on insta or her YouTube channel, Talking Out Loud where she shares her journey of eating disorder and self love.

A relatively current Instagram challenge is to post a b/w selfie. It was originally started to bring awareness to the horror of femocide atrocities happening globally- specifically Turkey. So many of us (me,) posted a photo to show an awareness of this issue and to show our support for empowering women. Will it bring actual change or is it performative activism?

Erin Gates is a successful interior designer, creator of the award winning blog @elementstyle and mom of two young children. In a recent blog post Erin revealed that with the stress and sleep deprivation of just having had a baby, running her business, and with all that is going on in the world, she just wants to celebrate her birthday ALONE for 24 peaceful hours. No matter how privileged our lives, shouldn’t we all be allowed to admit without judgement, that we need time to ourselves?

Another fashion influencer, @thedandyliar, storied her empty front teeth smile. She shared the reality of what happens when your teeth are crowned the temporaries break and you haven’t yet seen your dentist . This very cool, and chic woman showed off what most of us would hide in shame.

Is vulnerability is the new fashion? Is it a sincere act of connection or a gimmick to seem relatable? Perhaps, it is a bit of both. Perhaps this spate of authenticity on social media is what we need in our own real lives to get comfortable sharing what is challenging and imperfect.

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