Virtual Styling, #OOTD @harktheday


During this time of Covid 19 and staying home, I am finding a way to reach out to my clients in a new and helpful ways. Some of you are venturing out for work, pleasure or because you are going crazy at home.

I am offering virtual closet edits and image consultation appointments to accommodate our new normal. Reach me at or 561.313.9955.

Another step in this venture is to invite you to see my #ootd journey. I started taking almost daily pics of my outfits in 2017 to evaluate what was working– or not, with my own outfits. Unlike influencers, these pics are not to sell or prescribe. Until now this account has been a private tool for me: an outfit diary. I am not a photographer and I, too, have my own body and getting dressed issues.

There are pics where I am in a hotel room, store dressing room, airport or I use a pic from something else to catalogue the outfit. Some of the pics are blurry or I look a mess. I repeat my outfits a lot. I kind of have a selfie bitch face–who knew?! Guest appearances by my beautiful mom (if we were having a visit) or my late dog, back a few years. Sometimes you will see what seems like a duplicate. I was likely working out which option of something looked better and posted both pics.

Feeling vulnerable is something most of us feel when we are presenting ourselves to the world. I am no different. We all want to feel reassured we are not looking silly or inappropriate.

If you wish to enter this Instagram #ootd journey please request access on Instagram @harktheday.

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