Are You Shopping?

In the beginning of this pandemic, I could not even think about clothes but as I got a little more back to myself–even if the world did not, I found myself noticing all the sales and promotions on clothing I had liked but never purchased. I made a little deal with myself that if the item fell into the $30 range or below, it was in range of rationalization during uncertain times.

Frame Denim Le Bardot Grey $30. Poshmark
J. Crew Navy Slip Skirt. I had a credit so no out of pocket $0.
GAP LOVE Poplin Pajama $36.
ASOS White Hoodie $30.
Banana Republic Denim Crop Top $27.
Brooks Brothers Red Fleece Bow Blouse $13.50
Loft Patch Pocket Jeans $29.

*This post is not an advertisement or promotion. I have never had a sponsored post. If I ever monetize this site, I will disclose it as such.

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