Fashion in the Time of Anxiety and Uncertainty

Many bloggers and social media members are still posting outfits, beauty hacks etc. Good for them, no judgments. I can’t do it right now. Maybe next week.

Me? I am not so interested in fashion at the moment. I can’t wear my clothes. And honestly, I have been plagued with panic attacks that make any clothing other than lose fitting cotton, very uncomfortable.

Here are things that have helped between panic attacks.

Puppy and baby videos.

Reading pulp and ink magazines.

Tik Tok videos curated by my daughter.

Unsubscribing from almost every email I receive.

Long walks outside.

Not reading ANY news. NONE.

Checking in and reaching out to friends and family.

Not reading Facebook. (I had my daughter unsubscribe from news outlets that I receive on my feed so I can probably look now but I’d rather not.)

Meditation. If I can get through 5 minutes straight I consider it a win.


Videos of Italians singing and playing bingo with each other from their quarantined apartment balconies.

Reading a fluffy novel about Hollywood.

Letting my incredible husband and phenomenal daughter comfort me and knowing my sons are smart and resilient.

Limiting phone calls to 5 minutes or under.

Holding love in my heart for humanity. We are, in fact, all in this together. I believe in all of us. I may be anxious, but I am not depressed. I have hope that, this too shall pass.

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