More Q&A, Harrowstyle.

Recently I encountered some questions/feedback on my services that I want to share.

“Oh my god, who would pay for such a service?”

Really smart people who want to get dressed more efficiently, enjoy the clothing they have and not waste money buying clothing that ultimately will not serve them. Not all of my clients are wealthy-they just need the right help and they know in the long run I will help save them money. Plenty of my clients also have housekeepers, personal trainers, therapists, masseurs, life coaches, and personal chefs. We are all in the business of making life better.

“That must be a service for women. Men don’t have those problems.”

No, and no. Most men I have worked with (yes, I have worked with a couple of men but I do mostly work with women) have upwards of 30 pairs of pants hanging in their closet. The amount of pants they wear on a regular basis is approximately 3. The remaining 27, many of which still have tags on them, likely don’t fit, collect dust and take up precious closet space. Men do have wardrobe problems.

Do you see people naked?

As I said, I mostly work with women, so yes, I do see women in their underwear. It’s funny how I am not really looking at them until they have clothes on. That’s when I really want to see them. If you have privacy needs, I’ll gladly respect them.

I am afraid you will judge me.

The opposite of judging will take place when we work together. I want to be honest in sharing with you why you should embrace and love yourself as you are right now and how to dress appropriate for you and your needs. Everyone has insecurities. One of my clients had surgery that altered her body in ways you would never know seeing her out in public. And the best thing is, she is more grateful and appreciative for her body now than ever (she gave me permission to write this.) Your weight, skin tone, body shape and scars detract nothing from your beauty. Let’s work on your wardrobe so it works for you and leaves you feeling good in your style without any judgements–including yours.

My closet is a mess. I would have to clean it before you came over.

Heck no, that’s what I am there for. As we go through the editing process your closet will become cleaner and we can discuss organizing solutions moving forward.

My style is not your style. What if you don’t get me?

My forte is not making it about me. I listen and learn what makes you most comfortable. I have an uncanny ability to plug into your needs. Working with me is a chance to be self indulgent in the most lovely and productive way. Even women who like the same stores and same styles put it together on their body differently. I will teach you ways to style your clothes so you don’t feel like you are trying to be anyone but your best self. I am not selling anything, I do not represent a clothing line and I make no commission from anything you buy if you take my suggestions. My interest is you, my focus is you, it’s all about you.

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