Welcome 2020

Photo courtesy of Etsy

As I scrolled through Instagram last night (I’m a stay home New Year’s eve type of person) I saw how many people spoke of their growth in the last ten years or a least they noted where they were then and how their life is different. I cannot remember much of the last ten years without looking at photographs. I was so entrenched in making chicken for my people who are now vegetarians, driving them to interests they no longer pursue, doing laundry for clothing that now hangs in a distant closet and focusing on who they are and what they needed. It’s all a blur. But, if you ask me what shoes I was wearing in 1982, 38 years ago, I can tell you: Capezio white leather jazz shoes. It took much white shoe polish to keep them looking fresh. They haven’t been back in style since and I think it’s time.

As I tried to think of resolutions for 2020 I realized that wanting what I already have seems like more than enough. The girl that wore those Capezios would be pleased to see this as her future- shoddy memory and all. Happy New Year.

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