Is It Worth The Hype?

Yes, I have had the Elchim hair dryer for years and I love it. Then two years ago, I received the Dyson hair dryer and LOVE it even more.

Recently, the beauty influencers have been hyping the Revlon Pro Collection Salon One Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer. It is a hairdryer and brush all in one. While I am fully aware of their conflict of interest (they are paid or gifted for their posts), I still bit. Yes, I am an “influenced.”

The Dyson takes me 6 minutes plus 2 minutes of flat ironing. The Revlon, was a solid 6, no flat iron. No juggling brush with dryer. No sectioning. It was heavier than the Dyson, got a bit hot and was noisy. But it really did the job pretty well and the brush shape added the promised volumed. So yes, I think it is worth the hype.

And no, I have not been paid for this post nor did I receive any remuneration in any way.

Revlon Pro Collection

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