Questions and Answers about Harrow Style Services.

What are your services?

Style and image assessment consultation in person. A dialogue to reach clarity about your style and how to improve your image through your clothing, accessories, hair and makeup.

Use what you have wardrobe consultation in your home. A visit in your closet to distill what is serving your life and image and how to maximize the clothes you already own in your closet to serve you best. 

Whole closet overhaul including recommendations. A longer visit in your closet, sorting and organizing through what to toss, donate or keep. Figuring out what fits, what needs tailoring, and how to fill in the gaps in your wardrobe with recommendations. 

Personal wardrobe shopping by me delivered to your home. A consultation must precede this appointment.

Personal wardrobe shopping together in store. We meet in store to tackle your shopping needs. 

“Hunting” for a specific item or category. You tell me what you are looking for and I will digitally hunt it down or offer alternatives for you to consider. An example may be you are looking for a suede bootie and don’t know where to start looking.

“Stylecheck”, the ability to text or email an item, outfit or idea to me for a quick response. If you are in a dressing room or are shopping by yourself online, text me what you are looking at and I will give you my opinion or recommendation.


For personal shopping and consulting I currently I charge an hourly rate of $50 with a two hour minimum.

For a full closet overhaul there is a three hour minimum.

For “Stylecheck” and “Hunting” I charge a flat monthly subscription fee of  $50.

These prices are through December 2019.

What are your credentials?

I was born loving fashion and style. My mother’s and grandmothers’ closets were the first place I shopped.  Post college I worked in retailing, manufacturing and fashion public relations.

How do I pay you?

Venmo or cash.

When does the clock start?

We will have an appointed start time and end time. If we mutually agree to keep going, I charge $50 for each additional hour. As we work together and get to know each other the process becomes more efficient. 

Why have you started this business?

I embrace that beauty comes in all forms. I like the aesthetics of looking good but I love the result of feeling beautiful. Allow me to share with you my ways to reach your goals that are both economical and sustainable. 

What is the procedure for working together?

I conduct a complimentary consultation, usually by phone, to discuss your needs and how we can address them. We will go over your lifestyle, budget and preferences.

What kind of clients do you work with?

For now, only women. All women. Whether they are are fashion challenged, new to careers, pregnant, feeling ugly, new moms, returning to the workplace, feeling overwhelmed, post pregnancy, peri/menopausal, hating their existing clothes, impatient shoppers, empty nesters. In short, any one who cares about what the are wearing and how they look. I can even help someone who dislikes the choice of what to wear. We can create a uniform that works for them so they never have think about what to wear each day. I really love this process and want to help.

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