Exciting news: How I Can Help You!

Fashion/Style bloggers on Instagram inform us of all the latest trends. But they also are paid to entice us to buy the products featured on their posts, however casual they may seem doing so. I am hyper aware of the sales pitch. Instead of feeling pressed into buying a cashmere sweater with lantern sleeves, or a slingback shoe with a square toe, I play a little game of, “do I have that?” in my closet. Much of the time, I have a reasonable version to update my look. If you are looking for help hacking your closet to work best for you without shopping every new trend, I can help. Would you value a discerning eye to stand back and assess what you have in your closet or what you are trying on in the dressing room? Does your wardrobe work for your current life and body? Did you just have a baby, go through menopause or just feel like you are having clothing issues you never knew you had before? Would it be helpful to have a partner in figuring out how to look your best every day, within a reasonable amount of expense and effort. Please allow me to help. To set up an appointment and learn of my rates, please reach me at 561.313.9955 or karen@harrowmail.com

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