What I am watching, reading, listening



Watching. Netflix.


I was so bummed when I finished this two seasons so far, show, on Netflix. Hands down my favorite in a long time. I love a show that has me entertained with witty and well written dialogue. I love a show that has me laughing and crying within minutes. (yes, I DO watch This Is Us and I laugh and cry watching that too, but everyone loves that show so I am not using it as part of this list.) Atypical features as its main character, Sam, an 18 year old on the spectrum (Kier Gilchrist) who’s burgeoning need for independence is not without many bumps both deep and shallow for him as well as his family who, is dealing with their own stuff. The most important reason I love this show is Jennifer Jason Leigh’s portrayal of the mom, Elsa.  (I just wish JJL didn’t mess up that face with all those fillers.) Elsa is so earnest, flawed and dear.  The actress who plays the daughter Casey, (Brigette Lundy Paine) is excellent . The writing is good. I hope there is a season three.

Reading. Non Fiction.

Wherever You Go, There You Are

Jon Kabat-Zinn’s mindfulness book written in 1994 is more timely now than ever. When people I know have repeated drama and persistent complaints about how life will be better when….,  I note how they forget that they take themselves into that next place and time. This book isn’t quite that, but it reminds you that all we have is now. Listening to your own self and being present in the moment is perhaps the best investment in your life you will ever make. What a simple concept so difficult to accomplish. Yes, meditation is a practice. This book isn’t all woo woo or rigid but clear and welcoming to the world of mindfulness.

Listening. Podcasts.

The New Yorker, The Writer’s Voice

It’s wonderful listening to a writer read their new fiction to me while I clean the kitchen, iron or do laundry. This podcast elevates my task into an opportunity to be transported.

Clear and Vivid with Alan Alda

While I am new to this podcast I can’t believe that Alan Alda is still such a relevant and talented human being (who didn’t watch M*A*S*H growing up in the 70’s and 80’s?) His conversations with  interesting people from all sorts of industries and walks of life teach us about connection and communication. No matter who the guest is, Alda brings out what is compelling and noteworthy.  I want to be that vibrant and interested when I am 82, no wait, forget that. That’s who I want to be now.




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