More is More


These images of Kenneth Jay Lane’s duplex apartment at 23 Park Avenue (The Robb House) were published recently in multiple home design blogs and publications as it went up for sale after the famed jewelry designer died. I felt like I won the interior design voyeur lottery. The former mansion was designed by architect Stanford White and completed in 1891.  Many years ago, I lived three blocks up from this beauty and was continually charmed when I walked past it in my neighborhood. Fashion and advertising shoots took advantaged of its stunning exterior. Often after dark, as I walked slowly by, I would peer into the leaded windows trying to catch a glimpse of anything–anything, that was inside. I had no idea who lived there or how the building was broken up into apartments. I had a incredible design crush on the property. To see these interior photographs is satisfying. I have spent way too much time going over the details of each room, from the bones of the building to the tchotchkes on each surface. There are so many layers to explore. This is a case of more is more.


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