Signature Style

Marta Chrapka (eclectic furnishings with herringbone wood floors), Alexa Chung (playful modern vintage), Steven Gambrel (multiple individual light fixtures), Madeleine Vionnet (bias cut dresses), Linda Fargo ( white/grey bob) are all designers or fashion icons with a very recognizable style–a signature style. One glance of their imprint and you immediately recognize that what you are looking out is theirs. Most of us don’t share such a strong vision with the greater public. But our family and friends know how they view us and if at some point we try to make a change it can be jarring for them and for ourselves as well. Many hats, red nail polish bottles and clothes have been discarded in the name of my style evolution. A staple of my uniform– the white blouse, changes only so as to incorporate a whisper of a new trend–but it is still a white blouse. The produce man at the market looked at me the other day and said “Yep, white on white,” because wearing some sort of white is just me and even he knows it’s my signature.

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