What do you wear for a hurricane?

I am thinking about Irma barreling through the Caribbean. We have shutters and supplies but we are in the direct path–and you don’t know how bad it will be. You don’t know what you will need in an emergency or thereafter so I thought I should make sure my toiletries are ready for a “go” bag. That’s easy. But what clothes should I pack if I have to leave afterwards in a hurry? What should I be wearing to react, if or when, something catastrophic happens? Hunter boots? Sneakers? Leggings? Should I pack my favorite clothes in large zip-loc bags? I won’t even be able to see what’s in my closet when we lose power. And forget doing laundry for a long while. While my focus is usually thinking about what looks best on me, I am all function over style. This is scary stuff. Let me lose myself in the details of preparing and cross my fingers that this will not be as bad as I fear.

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