Dressing for yourself, sort of.

Many years ago, I purchased a pair of camouflage pants that had a cool pink embroidered flower, or maybe it was a dragon on one of the legs. I was in my late 30’s and I thought they were pretty cool. One day I couldn’t find them–couldn’t find them anywhere. A couple of months passed and I was putting away laundry in my husband’s dresser, there they were, but not by mistake. He is not one to readily weigh in on my clothes so  why he would be so sneaky about removing them? No surprise that he hated them and just couldn’t bring himself to say it. So many things I have read said that women should dress for themselves. So, if we think we are dressing for ourselves but our family or friends are the ones looking at us, should we consider their opinion? My husband and I have worked out that communication issue and I do care what he and a select few think of how I dress. The GAP jacket in the below pic that was owned for a mere 2 weeks before I yielded to the pressure to get rid of it. It had a dual daughter and close friend condemnation that it wasn’t flattering on me.  When my best interests are at the heart of the opinion of others, I consider that dressing for myself. IMG_4101


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