Time Capsule Decor

Master bath still looks good to me. Love the lighting fixture. I want it!

Last year, I came across the real estate sales listing from my paternal grandparents’ former home. It has passed hands to two other families since they owned the home.

I eagerly scanned the photos to see if my memory served me well. I was blown away how in the 22 years since my grandmother died, her house including kitchen and bathrooms were still meticulously intact. They were dated when I was a little girl. Today’s Wall Street Journal Mansion section, (yes, my favorite) features homes for sale that are in demand precisely because they are still untouched by a another decade’s imprint. No wall of mirrors from the 1980’s, great rooms from the 1990’s, grey grouted subway tile from the aughts, or matte applicances from the 2000 teens.

It’s fascinating to me that I could step in the room as if time stood still and my life never progressed.

The photos included are the actual current MLS photos of my grandparents former home.

Intact other than the television. I can smell the wood paneling.
This basement floor used to have red and beige vinyl tile. The bar stools are original. Crazy enough, my grandmother’s bust sculpture remains in the house (above the fireplace).
My dear grandfather raced toy boats with me when I was a toddler in that tub. He always let me win.
I love the sensibility of this bathroom today.




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