It’s a Sign No More

A few years back a trend of adding signs inside your house become popular. “Live, love, chocolate”, “Cherish” “Tiffany” or even an initial “H”. Did I succumb to this trend? Yes, I did. Two of the above photos are current from my home. I am so over that trend. It is still valid if the sign is authentic (becoming a pop culture icon, or from 1stdibs or architectural anarchy), vintage (1980’s or earlier) or very specific to your family (yes, my people are partial to the Yankees which is why we have the edited Joe Di Maggio quote and the sign is hidden in an unobstrusive area). Also okay is a tiny non-focal addition to the decor or a small reminder to your family to be a kind person. However, if that sign was mass produced, you can buy it in Homegoods or it is fake weathered wood or centered around an alcoholic beverage it needs to be retired.

This is your sign.

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