The Devil Is In The Details or If you give a Mouse a Cookie Syndrome


Considering a master bathroom renovation/refreshing and all I can think about instead of the fantasy is “if, what”. If we rip out the tub, what problems will will find behind the wall before being able to install a new one. Or, if we rip out the old tub, what if I want to put back the old one”? I call this” if you give a mouse a cookie syndrome.” The charming book by Laura Numeroff tells of all the unknown needs you have when you give a mouse a cookie (he needs a glass of milk, a straw, a mirror etc.) What will I need to fix or change when I do this one thing?

Looking through Pinterest, home decor websites and blogs don’t tell of the behind the scenes decisions of cost vs. inconvenience. And most importantly of the needs unknown.

I need a nap.

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